Tu(n)esday evening thread - it's just gone 6pm GMT


Alright guys? Petted a pretty lovely cat on my way home. Now upstairs piling through my teaching qualification coursework. Can hear the wife-o playing Earl Sweatshirt downstairs and I all I want to do is head down and listen to records :pensive:

What’ve you got on tonight? If you could post me a tune you’re really into at the moment alongside your reply that’d be swell, can be new or old, but just something you’re pretty in to. I’ll start:


still at work, boss.

misery pasta w/pesto for tea. no football on either.


tune i’m into:


Gonna make sausages and mash. Might caramelise some onions as well.


This is a very solid choice.


(building an Italo Disco playlist for the playlist challenge)


Can’t beat bangers and mash in this weather innit. Haven’t listened to Hot Rats in yonks. My father-in-law’s a huge Zappa fan :+1:


Had “vegan noodles” from a Bavarian place. They were mushroom ravioli and were fucking wank.

Time to find some Lebkuchen. Or a McDonald’s.


Gonna play Heavy Rain just so i can get it over with


I’m just about to have lunch but it’s mac and cheese for dinner and I have to cook it myself from scratch, what a test devised by my mother in law


Had tagliatelle with garlic mushrooms - basically whack half a packet of boursin and some pasta water over mushrooms and add to pasta. Kids favourite.

Heard this in the radio the other day and am a big fan now I have remembered it… bit of an early Friday banger

Nothing on tonight…quite tempted to get my hair dyed but got to do the kids Cub run…


B :clap: A :clap: N :clap: G :clap: E :clap: R :clap:


You done got Masterchefed ghosty.


Reckon I’m surrounded by fellow patent twats, too. They/we’ve got a certain look about them/us.


Tel me more about this playlist challenge :face_with_monocle:


If the meek bespectacled chap in a formal checked shirt and dad jeans who’s sat across from me isn’t a patent twat then I’m a fucking mermaid.


You missed out mate!


Work. 2hrs 40min until hometime.




urgh. got the lurgy.

on the plus side, got this absolute belter going round and round in my head:


Ah haven’t heard this Jimmy Eat World record in years. Real MTV2 vibes rn.