Tubes are long circles

This is NOT a tube.


No one said it was

That guidance is just tube in general, didnt say it was related to that product

IT has said it is!

They’re also crisps from the mid-80s.

Yes it quite clearly says that it’s half of one

It’s a package

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Oh, my mistake.

Mods can you close this thread please.

Make it about Tubes from Soccer AM


How would you feel if it was called a sleeve?

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Good idea.

You know Tubes from Soccer AM, right? Not a fan tbh

It would put a spring in my step and a song in my soul

EDIT: And the song would be “Green Sleeves” :wink:


Me neither

I find his shtick ‘tiresome’ and ‘unfunny’

I think I’m anti-“schtick” in general tbh

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Is everything clear here now?

I like Joe Swash’s

“Tubes” (Peter Dale[6]) has had a regular feature on the show, where he has “one question and one question only” to one of the studio guests. Max asks “Who is your question for this week”, and the answer results in a dimming of the studio lights and a spotlight on the questionee. After the question has been asked Tubes goes to shake the questionees hand thanking them as he does. Tubes’ popularity has grown significantly - a public vote saw him being voted more popular than (crew member) Rocket - in part due to his woeful (but comic) rapping ability which he demonstrates every week before actually posing a question, his ability to keep a “straight” face is also one of his main attributes. Due to his weekly binge drinking exploits, Tim Lovejoy called for pub landlords across the country to ban Tubes from their establishments for his own good. Tubes’ rapping has also been used in a parody of iTunes, where at the end instead of saying “iTunes”, it says “iTubes”. Some Of Tubes’ Catchphrases include “Sickening” “Sick” and “Sickness”.

I think that might be a “personality” rather than a “schtick” but, I’ll tell you something, that’s a thin line between the two eh!

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