Tue cool for an evening thread is it

Very turbulent sort of day, but the good parts include making a nice new work pal and bumping into another nice pal on my way home. Got a meeting in 5 minutes which I’m quite annoyed about, 8pm meeting like I’m some sort of motivated Apprentice candidate. I just want a bath and to work on a poem. Probably going to update my will and put my life insurance in trust before bed, which I started in 2020 :see_no_evil:

What you doing/eating/updating?


Absolutely pooped after a gig and too many beers for a Monday night. But day was fine and found out I got a job I was after so that’s good.

Cooking a big caponata which I’m really excited about.

Updated: my Instagram profile picture because I was using a really old pic where I looked bright and young and healthy and with a full head of hair, and I’m none of those things (and less) now.


I like your new pic :blush:

Excellent news about the job!

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Got a wash on. Coupla beers. Probably do an instant noodles for tea w/ added cabbage and tofu that need using.

(+) Learned my band blagged a small slot on a fest in Cheltenham in a few weeks, first since lockdown
(-) They want a ‘‘chilled’’ out set and have specified no distortion :grimacing:


Drinking good drink and watching the Villa - Liverpool game. Which is just kicking off good and proper. 1-1 already and not even ten minutes gone yet.

I support neither.

Thanks! And yeah it’s basically a slightly boring job for a very interesting person who I can hopefully convince to work with me on bigger things - a foot in the door sort of thing :slight_smile:

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Update on the old sofa that we got rid of some of at the weekend: we went with the £50 collection option (assuming we remember to take it out tonight), and I just overheard Mr Froglet admitting to his gaming friends that his plan of cutting it up and putting it in the bin might not have been the best


It’s like 32 degrees here so am out for a cold one (beer)


got a bit annoyed at dinner again because yet again I didn’t get offered a drink top-up or a dessert. fucks sake. why am i some kind of hotel pariah?? i just want some DAMN cheesecake!!

was going to get belligerent but then the belly dancer who was the evening’s entertainment was being interacting with diners and i was like NOPE so hurried away to my suite. started writing but obviously got distracted by organising my birthday party playlist. first half is basically done now :slight_smile: just trying to work the second half into some kind of order.

said it before, will say it again: Freak Like Me by Sugababes is one of the greatest songs of all time


Damn right


Ruffdawg next week:


Ruffdawg in a few weeks:

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Took a good photo through the binoculars of 2 Avocets getting it on. That’s my day really.

Made a really nice crunchy summer salad (red onion, spring onion, cucumber, celery, sugar snaps) with new spuds and chicken marinated in coriander, chili and lime. Lovely. Better call Saul and a beer.


I do sadlad, Springsteen covers, and of course piano house.


Well I used to be Mr. Streets of Philadelphia, not any more.


Still knocked out with covid unfortunately. I am really bored of lying about in bed

Any excuse inneh


Had an alright day

Jollof rice for tea. Haloumi a top of course and some left for lunch tomorrow.

Took dog out and now it’s the big match.

Excellent evening I guess.

Evening all!

I made katsu tofu for tea. It worked better than previous attempts at katsu but I still think it was under-spiced. I’ve got leftovers for tomorrow which I’m not sad about.

I got offered an interview for a job which I didn’t expect to get which is nice. I’ve convinced myself I might get it too which is obviously grossly optimistic.

I’m trying to do my writing homework while Wor Lass watches that Nick Knowles show where they rebuild people’s houses.

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quorn crispy nuggs AND southern fried bites for tea.