Tue. Eveningg Thread

Whats everyone up to this evening.

One more hour until work day done, then booze time.

How about ya’ll?

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Treating myself and my bad hip to the train home.

Forgot my stew for lunch so thats tea sorted.

Gonna do some ‘life admin’. And DiS admin and send over a Gregg’s voucher

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Hey @NeilYoung!

Chilled evening for me, will watch the football. My friend is giving me a call in a mo for a catch up, should be nice.


Off to see idles at the greatest venue in the world :heart_eyes:


Tiramisu for a treat later once M is asleep. Reading a book about dolls, probably going to terrify myself at some point. Creepy little dolls.

Listening to Lizzo.

Neil young likes to know these things.


Yes yes he does. :+1:

Cooking a curry, pitta pizza for the kids.

Tired and bit grumpy tbh. Not like me but feel a bit like life is a mega drudge at the moment…urgh

Watching ‘The Sopranos’ after making a chicken stew.

Will do the dishes and listen to Fucked Up afterwards.

Worst band though.

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Build up and a bit of the Burnley V Man City, then Masterchef while second screening the football.

All balances out ma man

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Fucking awful.


Hey. Great day with my best mate and her 2yr old. Pretty whacked as I stayed up for too late last night. Cooking up halloumi with roasted veggies and cous cous for tea. May have a mince pie after. MasterChef and bed probably

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Everyone is allowed to feel that way once in awhile, your still great Slicky!

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Not gonna lie NY, my sole aim for this evening is to get cosy under my double duvet.


Nothing wrong with that! I’m be sleeping like a baby myself tonight.

Currently working my way through a large box of Toffifee. That’s my night sorted.


Not sure thats how it works but have a nice time.

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bless you

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