Tue. Eveningg Thread

i made loads of pasta.

plan to eat loads of pasta.


Just been reminded via the means of Facebook memories that it’s now three whole years since i was to be on my very best behaviour for @Gnometorious’s partners welcome work do. Suffice to say, partners have not been welcome since. There were various embarrassing moments throughout the evening, but the icing on the cake was when we moved on to the hotel bar for a nightcap and having judged the lot of them to be tories, when offered a drink I, in my best posh drunk person accent demanded a glass of their finest brandy. Probably the best meal I’ve ever eat, that one.


There’s so much fun in tofiffee.

Don’t you worry about me paisan, me and my bro will have a great time :grinning::+1:

I bloody love Toffifee

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Totally excellent

Oh, footballs on amazon is it.

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Bought myself a hi-fi today.
First one I’ve bought for about 30 years.


what was the first song you played on it

Haven’t got it yet. It gets delivered next Friday.

The first song will.be an important decision.


Got work at 3-6am, them 9-1pm, then meant to have a band practise tomorrow afternoon.
I’m kind of afraid my mind’s going to melt

A - Hi-fi serious

Not heard that one before

Such a dad joke, Rich!!

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Well, I am a dad, don’t you know!

Tea, stollen bite, Burnley. What a Tuesday.

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I would like to punch Greg Wallace’s face so much.

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New top option if I was given the chance of 12 rounds of boxing with anyone on the planet. Above Jacob Rees mogg

I’ll do it for one and a half

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Ggreg Wallace?