Tue/T'me/Tue/T'me (Tuesday Thread)

Hello everyone. How are we this morning?

I’m still on the train. The guy next to me is watching Celebs Go Dating on his laptop. Fortunately I’m getting off the train in a sec otherwise he might call me out for watching it over his shoulders.

Hey ccb!

I dare not use the wave emoji because my shoulder is still causing me bother :confused: curse it all.

How are you?

You could do a royal wave, with all the movement from the wrist? I’m sorry to hear about your shoulder :frowning:

And I’m good! A tad on the sleepy side but nothing a tea or two can’t fix.

I’m on a bus and i’m quite tired. Havent even had my coffee yet!!! Blasting metal into my skull but it’s not really working.

I’m on a train, not that tired considering how late I went to bed.

Shower is still out of order and didn’t have time for a bath, so had to just stand in the bath with the tap running and wash myself with a flannel, was very strange indeed.

Sigur ros were great last night. Visuals were brilliant.

Already thinking about lunch. Gonna get something with chips I think.

Good morning all. Don’t feel 100% recovered after the dodgy food I had yesterday. One invoice came through though so I might buy some records today!

Sat in Leeds airport en route to Lyon via Heathrow. Exciting day of inefficient air travel ahead!

Go on…


^nearly there


What is ‘Celebs Go Dating’ c_c_b? Princess Anne on a date with Bruce Dickinson?

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I can’t complain


I was going to tell you about when I was in holiday in the Peak District over the summer and there was only a bath in the cottage (and no shower). But it’s not Thursday.

I didn’t recognise any of them. There were lots of blindfolds being deployed!

Sounds like it should just be called ‘Dating’! Ohohohoho!


But enough about your time in that Peak district bathtub

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Alright Withnail’s friend, I

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I’ve got to go and get a BIG CHEESE to sign of on a BIG CONTRACT, but MY BOSS (who’s meant to be leading the discussions) is ill so won’t be coming in. Hmmm.

Big day of sense checking stuff at work, tuna and rice salad in the fridge for lunch.

This evening, Hendon v Staines. Staines fans used to call themselves ‘the Massive’. I don’t know if they still do. I will be doing the tannoy and, if I can work out how to, playing some Indie Disco hits - as well as providing on-line commentary.

Was a very sweaty journey into work this morning, muy unpleasant. Looks like a beaut of a day, potentially. Really wish I was out somewhere, just walking and walking and walking.

Morning. Got to go out to meeting this morning, will get a coffee on the way, so that’s something to look forward to I suppose.

alright guys