Tue/T'me/Tue/T'me (Tuesday Thread)

this is your chance

Hey man. How are you?


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Skint, not sleeping well, poorly, riddled with anxiety.

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I was going to do a MS Paint graft involving a giant wheel of cheese, that “sad Warn” picture from some Zonino and a couple of speech bubbles, but I don’t want to wear out my brand.

alright dude. I’m not too bad thanks. been a rough few months, truth be told. my mum has been terribly unwell and passed 10 days ago. she was very poorly and it was expected, but it doesn’t make it any easier to comprehend/accept etc. so yeah, trying to deal with that.

sorry for the bummer reply! just thought I’d get it out there and be done with it

Sorry to hear that silky. Hope you’re OK pal


Good to hear from you though :grinning:

Hiya, I’m the idiot who just tried to catch a falling cactus with her bare hand :grimacing:


oh silky that’s terrible. best wishes to you x


Couple of croissants and a bucket of coffee to start. Might walk out to the lighthouse, food market for lunch, dunno about the rest.

thanks man

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Really sorry to hear that man

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thanks ma’am

Just went into a caffe that had “Fairy Porridge” on the menu. Asked what it was of course and apparently it’s porridge with hundreds and thousands on. Looked top tbh.



I had a bagel with scrambled egg and cheese and i could easily have another.

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{hides bowl}

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Ah I’m sorry to hear, man, that’s rough. Good to have you back.

the trouble with bagels

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