God, what a terrible night. Baby didn’t want to sleep and then when I eventually got her down it was so late I only got about 4 hours sleep :skull_and_crossbones:

On the agenda today:

  • Blood test
  • Flu jab
  • Baby screening of The French Dispatch

Tell me your agendas please.


Sorry PN that is proper rough. Your brain blocks this out as a parent so, in a few years time, you’ll remember being tired but probably not the actual feeling. What I’m trying to say is I’ve been there for sure and totally empathise and wish yulou hugs, but also know that I truly can’t know how you’re feeling. The hugs are legit tho.

We sold our old car yesterday - I don’t remember who wileycat is now but that our lovely Yeti gone. Got a great price for that hunk of junk as well! Haha.

Going to take my partner out for lunch, but in the meantime I’m behind on two huge safety docs so need to knuckledown and actually get them finished.

Cheerios and coffee for breakfast.

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Solidarity for lack of sleep.

Revenge bairn wanted a bottle at ten to 5 and usually she’ll go back to sleep but not last night.

Only lost a few hours but I was already really really knacked. Just gotta get on with it, I spose. Zzzzzz.

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Fucking rough when the kids don’t let you sleep. :frowning: Hopefully you’ll be able to get a few bits of sleep throughout the day.

I too had a rough as guts night’s sleep but I didn’t have any excuse, just spent the whole night in some kind of weird semi wakened state, constantly moving. At about 4am my shoulder was aching horribly and I was sure I’d somehow wrenched it in my dream. Either way meant I had to take ibuprofen and rub deep heat on it.

Just about to make dinner but luckily it’s Anna Jones’s magic pasta, which I can recommend as a meal to make when you’re both quietly dying from no sleep off the back of a child too.


About to look up the magic pasta, love a bit of magic!

Not sure it’s online but it’s in this one

which I can recommend if you’re into or up for veggie/vegan food as it’s got a bunch of meals that are quick and tasty etc.

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Oh, I have that book yes. Just never made this recipe. Thanks, will definitely try it!

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That one and the pea soup are both excellent quick meals.

There’s also (IIRC) the Buddha Bowls recipe in there which is actually quite a lot of different processes but very tasty.

EDIT to say the portions for Magic Pasta are correct so halve everything for two people and don’t be so tired that you put in a heaped TABLEspoon of salt instead of a teaspoon, as I famously did one zombie-induced-by-baby night.


Morning all

I’m sat on the train watching the sun rise and listening to DiS’s second favourite artist, Elliott Smith. Not sure if photos are working? Seems to be stuck on “processing upload”

Am in work all day. I wonder what excitement it will hold!


Woke up at 5:30 so went to the gym and it turns out going to the gym at 6am is extremely busy. These people are savages.

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Very grey morning here in TQ7. Currently eating some honey nut cornflakes and working up the motivation to leave the house. Potentially a very dull day ahead.

kale, tomato and lemon magic one-pot spaghetti is the official name. On page 24 FYI


Something about Wes Anderson films being for babies

(I want to see it)


Definite double eye mank this morning :eyes::frowning:

Got to actually do some admin today other than that, lie about and watch more telly and read more books I guess.


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Lots of love to the people with numbnut babies who don’t know sleep is good.



9 AM - work
12:30 PM - lunch
1:30 PM - more work
6 PM - exhibition
7:30 PM - dinner
8:30 PM - dunno
11:00 PM - whisky
11:30 PM - bed


I also woke up with a manky eye this morning. Yuck.

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