No thread yet?

Really thought another one would show up before I posted that.

Anyway evening all! Got a bit of a cloud hanging over my head at the mo but just trying to get on with things as normal.

On my own this eve so the plan is:

• Curry
• Beer
• Better Call Saul
• Sort some records out as there’s piles everywhere

I would also love to hear your plans and how you are doing generally.


Feeling rubbish so my plans are stay on the sofa all evening

We got a new sofa recently and I haven’t yet succeeded in moulding it to my body shape so I’m not even comfortable :pensive:

Cut class (conference) early to go on a boat trip and listen to Smog, plus I managed to acquire a Crunchie for the journey and saw some 1 day old ducklings. The most excellent decision anyone has ever made.

Had a lovely shower just now. Then m threw up on me. And that Crunchie did nothing for my hunger :pleading_face:

What a headline!

I’m blaming the head clouds on the super blood milk moon eclipse or whatever its showing off about this week, as everyone seems to be in a weird place the last few days or so. I feel very emotional and yet also very :expressionless:

I predict we’ll all be feeling great by Thursday though.


What shall I have for us tea?

  • Mexican stir fry (vegetable and onion fajitas)
  • White oven pizza

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Had the usual veggie sausages + cauliflower + potatoes + salad for tea. Rhubarb and ice cream for pudding.


Yeah I can get behind that. Normally quite sceptical about the influence of anything extraterrestrial but I always sleep terribly around a full moon so :man_shrugging:

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I hate stir fry but white pizza isn’t pizza.

Oh my god rhubarb and ice cream sounds amazing to me right now

Sorry to hear that, hope a chilled evening is what you need.

Lots of us getting new sofas at the moment eh, wonder if that’s the moon too.

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It was good rhubarb.


‘vegetable and onion’. should be pepper and onion.

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Tired out, as usual. Had the ol’ BHS for tea and a beer though so all is not lost.


Here’s some things I saw on the way home:



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Didn’t realise the time. Think I’ll stick some Quorn burgers and wedges in.

Gnome managed to convince some chumps to take Winnie in while we’re on holiday, so they came round to meet her tonight and she was on her best behaviour - she only scratched and bit once during a whole quarter of an hour.

Not even going for a couple of weeks, but I miss her already :sob:

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Gross: dont read

my toenail just fell off :grimacing: