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Every single 45+ male in a suit in leeds at 17.30 had a lanyard from that event on.

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Would be quite nice if the website where I get my work rota actually worked

I reckon 2 years of being home a lot more than before has shortened the lifespan of the average sofa. Ours was OK until lockdown and sitting on it all day every day, at which point the cushions all collapsed into nothingness

Did you take the River Taxi? Still not done that since I moved here.

Good lord it was disgusting. So many millionaires. Everyone saying “bear with” and a crooner singing bowie covers outside the conference venue “nice! Live music, this is premium quality”


I did! Spent my last pound on it and I’d do it again

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partner’s grandma is dying so we are potentially sending them to canada, alone.

not been a great time in the sheeldz house tbh.

Mushroom ketchup is a curious thing isn’t it?

Same viscosity as vinegar and smells like wintergreen or something

On a leaving the house streak of 78 days, haven’t been out yet today

  • Walking up the hill to the top of the road and back again counts (0.4 miles)
  • You’ve got to go to a park or your usual walk work or it doesn’t count

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Why did I unspoiler that?!

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Fuck me the baby just took two hours to go to sleep. I’ve not had dinner yet and my bedtime is in roughly one hour :grimacing::see_no_evil::weary:

I kinda wanna see it… :eyes:

Bought this in a chazza

  • Well done
  • You shouldn’t have done that

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So close!

Veggie sausages + rainbow chard + potatoes + salad for tea. Rhubarb and custard for pudding

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Its the final of Derry Girls, looking forward to finding out who wins

Getting out kid to sleep is still unspeakably shit. I hope this is a short phase.

Need to do some work but will be spending all night bouncing on a pilates ball.

Solidarity. This has been us the last 2 weeks.

Watching the footy with the lads

Why doesn’t Orla, the smartest and strongest of the Derry girls-

[a shot is fired out of nowhere, killing me instantly]