Tues 13th evening thread

How are you all? I’m eating scrambled eggs in bed

@Funkhouser i beat you to it

Damn you! @moderators can you shuffle my thread into the middle of this one please.


omg its so hot im melting

been guzzling cold brew and have no more ideas


I’m not really

I’m having a beer and listening to Nilsson Schmillson with Jessica. It’s nice and warm in the kitchen

I might order a burger later

About to log into a 2.5 hour Zoom session as part of our antenatal classes. 2.5 hours. Jfc

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Should be illegal, way too long

who’s having the best dinner? can’t believe scrambled bed eggs is in the lead

If anyone is eating a worse dinner than bed scrambled eggs I’ll be surprised


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Had a vgn kiev, gochujang parmentier potatoes and chard (on sofa)

Should really go outside but im nice and cool and japes’ comments have made me want to stay inside.

Fucking hell you’ll have had plasticbabby by the time that’s over


getting kebabs for dinner :muscle:

might play some video games too :muscle: :muscle:

I’m finally out of bed. Had to get my boyfriend to help me to change out of my pyjamas. He keeps taking the piss, which is risky business when he hasn’t had his 2nd dose yet.

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That is mad.

Also read it as jog for 2.5 hour and was like WHAT!!

Hi kids!!

Made chilli for tea which was fine.

Had a fun day of sporting activities including inflatables and saving penalties like a pro

Also worked my Girl just Wanna have Fundamental rights tshirt :muscle:

Going to watch only connect and have an ice cream I think.

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Mine was first (by 1 minute)