Tues Day Thread

Alright? Good morning. I’m queuing to get a tram up a mountain. Love a tram. What are you all up to?

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Same as most Tuesdays. Sitting at a computer and discussing with my nearest colleagues how stupid most of our customers are.

Email received: “On page 16 its meant to read fires on the left side but it looks like some sort of merged f and i - it almost looks like a different letter. Is this normal?”

I replied with a Wikipedia link:

Work is same shit, different day. Learning some Python though which is at least a bit interesting.

Well, colour me stupid then!

If someone is providing content for a designer to insert into a publication they should know these things. I don’t expect everyone, people in jobs that don’t involve typesetting, design, copywriting etc, to know it though.

Dead parrot or Ministry of Silly Walks?



Meeting someone later for a drink. :exploding_head::flushed::grimacing:


A lady?!

I believe she is.


Good luck :+1:


Got up on the alarm - I use an old Nokia phone - this morning (rare) at 5.30. It was only after I’d made my way the living room and turned on the telly that I realised I’d forgotten to put back the time by an hour at the weekend. Never knew just how strange the programmes are at 4.30am


Was going to be a simple day - WFH then David Byrne this evening

But yesterday a work friend has announced a very last minute leaving thing (he’s moving to the US) and I need to go out for a pizza lunch and squeeze in some pub/ retro gaming before the gig. Can’t really complain I suppose, but if the leaving stuff was tomorrow it would suit me very much better

Thanks :blush: Will report back in due course

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HB @weeber, treat yourself to some chips and curry.


I’m glad I waited before making a similar joke!

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Just spent a silly amount on clay badges :grimacing: Bought a custom one of my ma’s dog, which I’m excited about and for.

Sat here with Spotify open on my laptop while I work on my other screen. The ‘big boss’ was stood here talking about some work while my laptop said in massive letters ‘Tropical Fuck Storm’.

Ffs. It’s like Psychadelic Porn Crumpets all over again.

In other news, don’t start the day by catching up on the Inexplicably Successful Artists thread if you don’t want to get royally pissed off.

Morning all!

I had a Halloween crumpet for breakfast.

Going to Baby signing in a bit.

Struggling to do any W from H.

Got my Christmas rota. Fuming.