My go-to for positive memes about weekdays that feature a beach and nonsensical verbosity.

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I’ve just noticed that the horizon is severely on the tilt. Making me feel a bit seasick.


Spoken like a true flat earther warny.


Hi everyone

Back at work after a lovely weekend in Belgium, soured by getting shitloads of mosquito bites (really hope they’re not bed bug bites) from the hostel we were in.

Just dropped my bike off for a service on my way to work so now I’m on a train wearing a weird mix of normal clothes and bike stuff, look like a right fucking chumpazoid.

Looked like a lovely cobble-y weekend boss. I’m assuming the highlight was that ridiculous French taco?

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One month left until I go off on holiday. Can’t stonking wait.

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Really want a holiday, don’t have anything booked :neutral_face: Where’re you going chief?

I won’t lie, it was amazing


Morning JI, all,

I’ve successfully not managed to make it to work again. :upside_down_face: but I am ill again. Just a casual spot of headcolding though, I think, I hope.

had an exceptionally hectic night’s sleep.

loads of boring dream details

In one dream a Concord started flying erratically and ended up crashing over beyond the houses. Luckily it was in shallow-ish water and as we arrived at the shore, the pilot who had ejected was on a raft reaching out to shore. He then go us to re-write some notes form what turned out to be an inspection that was happening on his flight and he’d been heavily criticised - basically the pilot was very unfit to fly. The inspector had died in the crash, so we were unwittingly part of the cover up. Anyway, when we realised what was going on, a thrill ride of a events unfolded including some park football and eating sandwiches and .

I’ve actually now forgotten the other dreams now. And I’m pretty angry about this, especially as I’m pretty sure one of them got pretty erotic and definitely involved making sandwiches. Might go throw a sandwich at a window.

Luckily I don’t have any sandwiches.

All that’s left for me is to thank @anon50098204 for pointing out the horizon. I’m now also feeling VERY queasy.

Might have had a lemsip had we got any, which I bet we do not.


Thought I was going to poo myself on the drive in but didn’t, so it’s hard to see how I’m going to get a bigger win than that today. No point even trying.


If I know THANK THIRT as well as I do they’ve done that on purpose as an added layer of their Tuesday meme, it’s a metaphor for the slow slide into the weekend.

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Good swim. Sexy cat dance class cancelled. Going to spring clean and try to do a through the keyhole.

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Oh this is a shame :confused:


Morning. Stayed up too late and woke up too early. Giving our notice of marriage today, then I’m getting my lid chopped. Weather is supposed to be shit, so rainy play day I reckon

Will I ever stop being hungover? Doubtful. Boring day at work and then going out to listen to tge new sunn o))) record tonight. Should blow a few cobwebs away eh.


someone needs to have a strong word or two with THANK THIRT. Pop us a couple of sandwiches and I’ll do it myself

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No real news today. I was meant to be off to a gig later, but I found out that the band I wanted to see are on at 7.50, and there’s no way I’ll get there in time for that. It’s meant to be pissing down all day, so staying in isn’t such a bad option.

Did you put a few white wine spritzers away last night or is this day 3 of Sunday’s hangover?