Is this ‘Life Metal’? is it out yet?

Yep. Nope.


There’ll be a lot of passing overhead trains on the new record.


Who’ll be able to tell tbf


in the dark

so fkn metal


The building manager here is kinda scary, and she doesn’t put up with crap from anyone.

If you spill something on the carpet, you’re in trouble. She won’t shout at you or anything, but she will give you a look of disapproval that will cut right through you and eat at your soul for the rest of time.

It has become a running joke in the office that she hates me because I am a clumsy oaf. I’ve started to avoid her the best I can, because if I get a disapproving look from her again I honestly think it’ll break me.

I spilled tea on the new office carpet two days after it was fitted. She was fuming.

A few weeks ago I dropped an entire pitcher of water in the kitchen and the water went EVERYWHERE. Must have been a couple of litres. She let me into the cupboard with all the mops and such and stood watching me as I cleaned it up, not saying anything, her eyes boring into my soul.

Last week I smashed a mug when she was in the kitchen. Not impressed.

There have been many incidents. After the mug incident I resolved to be better. To make sure I’m careful when I’m carrying liquids etc. No more clumsy Jack.

So, I just went into the kitchen to make some tea. She was stood by the sink. High alert. Watch what you’re doing, Jack. She’s watching you like a hawk.

I carefully picked up the kettle, ready to pour some water into it and put it on to boil. Careful, Jack. Careful.

Anyway, the entire kitchen sink tap just came off in my hand and water started spraying everywhere.


would be funny if the boards suddenly shut down and replaced by a single image of sean, barry hogan and my vitriol on a beach in the carribbean, giving the finger to the camera and sipping long island ice teas.


Somewhere on the Internet, on the Czech version of Dis, she’s posting about ‘the clumsy Hugh Grant guy’ in their version of Workplace Irks (Wirksplace?)


DrownedinStupidity :frowning:

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are you -

  • a man/woman of success
  • a man/woman of today
  • both

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I got asked to do a training session for some specific patent twat stuff. I dutifully set up the meeting, then forgot about it until this morning. Scrambled for a few hours today to prepare stuff, make up some really good, relevant examples to work though, my desk is covered with notes for it, etc.

It was due to start nine minutes ago and I’m the only one here.



May I nominate this for POTW, or is it too traumatic?

Are you Mr. Bean by any chance?

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I love getting nominated for POTW, if all of my posts could be nominated (and they should) I would be very happy.



Fucking shitting it down out there

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Was going back and forth on whether or not to nominate your new job title post as well before this one.

the more the merrier!