Morning all.

Today is my Monday. Fuck off Montuesday.

Still a bit hungover from the weekend. Got into the office to find the big office reshuffle has been started ahead of time so there’s hardly anybody in, which is good as it’ll make doing nothing all day but drinking coffee and staring into the yawning abyss of the internet a lot easier.

Not much else to report. Hope you’re all well.

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Day 4 of saturday’s :disappointed:


Blimey, 4 day hangover :nauseated_face:

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I love that @Avery asked me what the upside down smiley face was supposed to represent, the other day and now he uses it every other post.
Nb. I said I wasn’t even exactly sure what it is.

I use it for sarcasm/cynicism purposes, like it’s the anti-smile?

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Berlin via about 24 hours in Hamburg. Looking forward to seeing the model trains in Hamburg and drinking many Radlers.

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I just like hanging upside down.

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Lovely stuff! Berlin is on the list, still never been. In fact, might see about a wee trip there much later in the year :eyes:

What doing. Tuesday?

Oh no



Only for 2 weeks though

morning guys

got the office to find a McDs hash brown on my desk and a wee packet of stroopwaffels so that’s my diet out of the window for today. can’t complain about hash browns and stroopwaffels though can you?

Shitloads of work to do today so I should probably, y’know, fuck off. Bye!

Lol so true hun


I guess even sexy cats need a half term.

Morning friends,

I had fucked up dreams, partly sponsored by Fleabag.
Haven’t done any exercise yet this week, wanted the extra hour in bed this morning. Need to get myself on the bike this afternoon.

Want spring sunshine back please.

No problem. BTW I was just drifting off to sleep last night and then woke up with a start when I suddenly remembered your old username you were trying to remember (I think): JeanPierrePapin (I think).

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Got heatwave flashback photos from 2 years ago. Where’s the sun now huh???

Managing to slip into holiday asleep at about 1 up at 9 rhythm very well which is nice. Need to bang through so work today though.

Doesn’t have to be your diet out the window for the day, Juke! Enjoy the tasty treats then maybe take a walk at lunchtime and stick to yer plan for the rest of the day.
A treat here and there won’t ruin your diet, that is in fact, the key to a healthy, balanced diet :sunglasses:


you’re, as ever, spot on. And a walk at lunch sounds good, it’s sunny!