Tues eve

Post below pls

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alright buddy?

Yeah you?

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Hi, watching bake off ‘live’ for the first time

Yeah actually! Was bracing myself for some bad medical news about my mum for the past few weeks, it’s led to me drinking way too much and some horrible anxiety but we got some relatively good news from the doctors today. I leapt up in the air and hugged her then had a bit of a cry. So many great things in life but nothing really beats the euphoria of relief does it


Happy for you two man :slight_smile:


Having saag paneer, drinking a cider cocktail, gonna start Midnight Club which I’m v pumped for

Getting sick quite fast though, feel my week plans may be a write off

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In the cinema to see the Sinéad O’Connor doc

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thanks so much! hope you’re having a great evening too x

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Hi dad

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4od is being shite

Does this overshirt look good??

  • Yes
  • No
  • I like polls

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Evening all

Is there a greater pain:gain ratio, food-wise, than sweet chestnuts?

  • hurt your fingers getting them out of their spiky shells
  • risk slicing yourself cutting slits in each one before roasting
  • due of boredom taking them out of their shells

I mean, the soup will be lovely but it’s a bit of a faff for what it is.

Babba has an awful cold and we’re supposed to fly tomorrow. Instead we probably won’t sleep :upside_down_face:

Also quite stressed about work which isn’t ideal either. But my dad visited last couple of days which was nice.

Just finished my tour, was super sad before i went but feel ok because the group clapped me all the way down the street like i was in West Side Story :sweat_smile: probably because they were all drunk as we started in the pub.


Had a pretty crap day at work having to write a paper to ensure some Senoir Leaders dont flush what ive been working on on and off for 2-3 years down the toilet.

It does but i reckon a brighter or stronger pop of colour would look even better with your complexion, but it looks lovely

Evening all!

I made a roasted chickpea taco salad for tea which was quite nice.

I’d planned to spend tonight starting the process to claim the deposit for our bathroom back but the sum is too much for the simple procedure and I actually need legal advice for the next step up.

I’m not going to Dinosaur Jr but I’m OK about that.