Tues evening thread

What’s happening? Drinking a beer in the sun. 26 degrees here - not bad for March but could be better.

Had a dream last night where I slept in the actual dream (the dream was that I was on a flight to South Africa and i was freaking out that I shouldn’t be sleeping because there’s no time difference there). Has left me feeling really refreshed today tbh


i went to Corby, now I’m home

At work. Please don’t make these whilst I’m still at work it saddens me



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Buenas profk

BBC just asked me talk about the new Marvel film for them tomorrow A) why? B) pay for my childcare then C) no

Just ate so many quorn cocktail sausages.

My eyes are bright red from writing all day.


It’s nearly 7, mate. Leave!

Did you know that the stone in an olive or peach or avocado etc is called a ‘hueso’, which means ‘bone’ here in Spain. I’d just accepted it my whole life until this afternoon when I realised it was ridiculous and promptly lambasted my class over it. ‘Olives without bones’. Get to fuck.

Then I realised ‘pitted’ to describe a fruit or olive without the stone is maybe more stupid, so I’ve got olive pie all over my face innit.


Bit bummed about work - feeling quite out of my depth but on the plus side I’ve had a really far away and difficult to get to site swapped for Manchester which is easy peasy. Going to go to the gym and maybe watch masterchef. Standard.

Guildford Nando’s is shit. Too pokey, and you’re eating in full view of Guildford’s shoppers coming out the friary.

Haven’t you just started the role? Completely normal to feel like ‘wtf am I doing’for about a year in a new job imo


I didn’t. My Spanish has slipped so much this last year.

Why don’t we all just say seed/seedless?

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That’s not the impression I’m being given by everyone around me. Think I’ve possibly been hired at too high a level.


Evening all

Work was pretty productive. Got a huge backlog of emails but have nearly finished the mammoth bid I’m working on. Got a Foodbank meeting tonight, which is obvs very important to me, etc etc.

@laelfy - to echo what @profk said, it’s natural to feel out of your depth for the first year of a job. Am sure you’re nailing it :+1:

5:40 is a damn site better than the 7pm nonsense we’ve had lately

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Easy to think that when you’re in that situation, but I seriously doubt it. Sure you’ll feel differently once you’re more comfortable in the job and learn the ropes - in my experience, organisations have quite different ways of doing things, even if it’s in the same field you have loads of experience in…

Rooting for ya anyway :slight_smile:


Dislike being sat in the window seats there. Feels as though everyone’s watching you eat

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Sunny here. Could murder a can or six but will wait until Thursday at band practice.

Going to assist my GF with cooking some sort of seafood and chorizo stew, then I’ll do some e-mails I’ve been avoiding. Need to get over this fear of replying to be honest.

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Absolutely knackered m9
Might nap before the gf gets home

Another addition to my British islanders putting chorizo in things list!

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