Tues evening thread

Apparently it’s for a tenant in another house he rents out.
It’s fine I’m moving out soon I’ll just let the mould come back and let him (the landlord) deal with it

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Listening to Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors, what a record!


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spaghetti + ?

also how much did you cook? I’m not a good judge, but that looks like my kind of serving

cold rain/snow alternating outside, guess I won’t be walking home

Can’t be bothered. Life is suffering. Tedium interspersed with tragedy. Totally pointless.

No my internet isn’t fixed yet, why do you ask?




Olive oil, six cloves of garlic, 250g of wholewheat spaggerz, add a bit of pasta water and a generous helping of dried parsley and grated parmesan, crank up the heat and give it a good stir while the water reduces a bit then add a tin of tuna and some chilli flakes.


You building a car?

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Hey @rob.orch, where was the surfing being held last week? Was it at supertubos?

This surfing?

Yes it was (There was a flag up at the beach bar which just said “Supertubos” on it, which I’m convinced I took a photo of, but I also took about three thousand other photos over the weekend too, so this one will do)

Yeah that surfing. Ta

Think Marilyn Monroe might be pretty good at this acting stuff

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Makes me cry :cry:

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Quiet on here tonight
I’m home now. Gonna watch MAFS and eat chocolate

I played football but did not play well.

I’m going to blame the breakfast pizza Wor Lass made for tea.

I also just spent 45 minutes finishing work for tomorrow. Easter can’t come soon enough for me.

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Pizza and not playing well - probably better than playing well but no pizza? I mean I’d take the option that involves pizza

Not long back from a pub quiz. We came 5th out of 17 teams, which feels ok.


Having to reset my boiler 5+ times to get hot water. Dreading having to make contact with the landlord. At least the shower is electric.