Tues Evening

Going to move some boxes around in the living room and get the TV etc set up again.

ah you’re a super granddaughter kermit!


Alright keith?

Pal of mine is having a baby in December, she’s a huge Studio Ghibli fan so we’ve just bought her these My Neighbour Totoro baby grows, she’s gonna absolutely love them.


Was half thinking about going to see Beetlejuice but I didn’t get out of work early enough / make dinner quick enough / generally be organised enough to make that work.

Watching American Horror Story instead. I have no real clue what’s going on :hugs:

Seeing The Dresden Dolls tonight.

These scans nowadays are fucking advanced, man.


Carrot and sweet potato soup, GBBO and or a herbal tea or 2.

have a class in half an hour and am 4 schooners down :grimacing:

never done teaching a bit tipsy before, but I’ve had a hell of a day and he’s a massive stoner, so hopefully it’ll be cool?

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Can just imagine a lovely poo explosion all over the bottom of that white one #parentlife


Dinner for 1 in Pizza Express ahead of a meeting tomorrow.

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man, I tell you what, I miss pizza express. fucking love the vibe and smell in there.

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love those massive pepper grinders.

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god, this lesson ain’t gonna go well, is it


Your username made me think of the original Muppets from the 1970s which we’ve just started reaching with the funkycalves. Amazing what was acceptable in the 70s!

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Been up since about 3 this morning. Just had fish and chips and half a cider. Highly unlikely I’ll still be awake an hour from now.

problem is, he doesn’t smoke before class anymore since I told him he was better at English when he wasn’t stoned.

fucking shot myself in the foot here, haven’t I?


Worst case scenario is you turn up topless, with your tie around your head, screaming the lyrics to Give It Up by KC and the Sunshine Band and have a piss behind his telly. Worse things have happened. Stay on the neck oil, imho.

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“beyond the gravy”


he’s coming here. I’ve cleared the bowls of nut shells, empty peanut butter jars (?!?) and 10 empty bottles of estrella from the living room especially.