Tues Morning Solidarity Thread

I won’t lie to you pals, I have not been to sleep. Work in 22 minutes.
Please submit your solidarity below.

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oh mate, lots of hugs and you can pretend you have my new puppy by your side if that helps.

Otherwise, get something fast on, grab yourself your favourite (non alcoholic) drink and remember you are Ruffers, The Champion of the World


I just spent a good 5 minutes trying to fix the lights in my shop before I realised that I still had my sunglasses on.


Morning all!

I’m going into work for a couple of hours to see students with exam results (95% pass rate in my class; one near miss) for a victory lap and then I’m coming home for computer games.

We’re probably out for food tonight (maybe steak?) and I will be having a delicious bottle of wine later.

Solidarity to all of you (@Ruffers and all who follow) - it won’t be as bad as you expect.


Morning. Big love ruff dog and hope you survive.

New self service till systems in at work which is causing havoc. Off tomorrow, haircut later, evening to myself so my solo pint and walk. World is my (very small) oyster

I once did a twenty minute Metro journey without my glasses and just thought my hay-fever was playing up because I couldn’t focus on anything.


“damn, when did it get so tinted in here?”


Solidarity to you Ruffers. I’m back in work (albeit working remotely) after a week and a half off, and I’m unfairly hungover in that I only had half a bottle of wine last night.


My local Marks gives me free bananas all the time because no-one can work out how to put one through the tills, it’s class, might just start living off loose bananas.


I’m on a train, if you can believe that.

Also sweaty. The sun shouldn’t get that hot until after I’ve walked up the steep hill to the train station, quite frankly.

The Ruff Dawg Story

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Fell asleep on the sofa last night, sore neck now

Sacked off the train for an Uber today for obvious reasons. Have 5* after all these years still, model citizen.

My fourth ride in a decade I think.

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The tv and the youngest have been away since the middle of last week so it’s just been me & the teenager & let me tell you how I very much do not need another conversation about TikToks and/or Beyoncé

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John Travolta’s such a dweeb.

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When was the last time you wore trousers / jeans.

  • Today (for work)
  • Today (not for work)
  • Past week (for work)
  • Past week (not for work)
  • Past month (for work)
  • Past month (not for work)
  • Past 3 months (for work)
  • Past 3 months (not for work)
  • Longer

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Good luck and godspeed to you on this most sleep-deprived of days Ruffers.


Just about to head off to Cromer for a few hours. Gonna get me a crab and an ice cream.


Daily threads are just getting a puppy pic everyday sorry folks! She’s properly settling in. Had a right play this morning. I’m so in love. Move over kids :joy:

I need to prep for a ten o’clock but think my internet is playing up so i might not be able to join…