Tues the evening


What ya sayin, then?

Having linda burgers and fries tonight. Quite excited. No masterchef though, harumpf!

Quite fancy a coffee :thinking: might make one.


Buffalo cauliflower tacos tonight. Mmm.


Got my guitar back after two weeks with no guitar, might play some guitar


Nando’s :arrow_right: football :arrow_right: home :arrow_right: bed



What a lad


banterometer is going through the roof here right now


Hi Eric!


Hi everybody else!


I really want to start play my guitar again, but after starting again in about October and getting fed up due to shitness in November, I cba, so they just sit there, mocking me


evening eric and etc. going to have either pizza or pasta (tagliatelle).

that’s all I’ve got planned, who knows where the night may lead (I might play some computer games)


On the train back from London and should be home in time for kick off

Conference I was at today was at a casino. Pretty depressing to walk in at 8.30 and seeing loads of chinese pensioners lose there money


started doing some push-ups again today, I’m a little weedy baby man!

bought a cheeky cider and some pringles from the shop cos fuck it. Need to cheer myself up


Having a phone interview in a minute for a role I half want, then a busy night that I really can’t be bothered with. Might shirk uni tomorrow if I can get away with it just so I’ve got a night to relax.


also it’s too late for coffee Eric you know this


Quorn burgers and chips for me…

I can watch last night’s Masterchef so that’s good news. Nothing else going on tbh


Had sweet potato, chickpea, and spinach curry. Gonna get the kids to bed then prolly gonna have a beer, play some guitar then play some video games :+1:


Seem to be going through waves of feeling fine and then feeling shit again. Fuck sake. Told work I’d probably be in tomorrow n all.

Will likely finish the rest of the third season of Love later. Have almost zero ability to concentrate on anything when I’m feeling sick :confused:


Chicken and chips and gravy > football > bed


damn how long have you been ill for?

Hope you weren’t ill on your nice holiday too


Get a loop pedal if you haven’t got one, makes lone guitar playing more fun