Tues the evening


I’m kinda feeling the same, just annoys me how crap I am at guitar now.


Not ill on holiday thank fuck. Started to feel rough on Friday. I think it’s a stomach virus so I’m literally just going to have to ride it out. So boring, haven’t been ill like this for like ten years.


on the plus side you’re going to have at least one day of amazing gratitude at feeling better. Just leaving the house will seem incredible.


not really got anything on tomorrow though so :man_shrugging:


I’ve bought a bottle of premixed ‘Clementine spiced whisky sour’ from M&S, gonna drink some of that and wish I still had the £6.


good shout, will look into it :+1:


why not go all the way and pick up a giant can of relentless?


Whats yer recipe pal?


I now pretty much exclusively play wrong notes on a randomly tuned guitar with a missing string.

embracing my own shittiness by pretending it’s intentional


I reckon I need to just focus on keeping it fun. Like I learnt how to play the main tune from Casino Night Zone off Sonic 2 and that was really fun. but then I was also using an app that was meant to teach me how to play properly, but then I got to a point where I sucked at it, so gave up entirely.

maybe just ditch the app and play nothing but sonic music?


Dunno whether to have left over lentil and mushroom chili

Or make either aubergine and mushroom pasta or noodles.


This, with a couple of minor variations:


i’ve not totally lost the plot, mate!



Been to pick the car up, £256 lighter now sadface. Then had to buy a new headlight bulb. Then went shopping. Expensive afternoon. Halloumi salad for dinner, with added cous cous. Off the beer until Friday, so probably drinking redbush and peppermint tea all evening.


Still in work :frowning: Told my boss today I was having to work evenings and weekends to keep up and she just shrugged :cry:.

Will probably have leftover paneer curry from the other night when I get home then wallow in self pity.


I’ve been playing my guitar again for the first time in ages too. Pretty much just been playing songs from Final Fantasy and Zelda.


My advice would be don’t keep up. You’ll just keep getting more work


just started watching this (the first season i mean)


I had this the other day at work too - had a call with my manager explaining how much work I have and how I can’t do it all, and he just ended the call with “OK, nothing I can do so carry on”. well annoying.


yeah, can’t believe I used to have 3 red bulls a day. Darkest of times!