Tues the evening


Wow, so tired. Pretty intense day doing development shite and fries my eyes looking at ’ " ~ *{}[] <> all day. Gonna send me blind


Don’t really have a choice, my contract says I have to work the hours needed to do the job. Plus I’ll get even more stressed if I don’t stay on top of things.

Could just stop posting on here I guess


your insides must be green or something!


just applied for a job i don’t want. sigh.


you’ll have already thought of this, but a guy at my work used to say the same and then switched his IDE (we use Visual Studio mostly) to a dark theme and said it helps him loads with eye strain etc.

I much prefer it too, but that’s partly because it makes it look like I’m coding the Matrix rather than a shit website.


perish the thought!


Do you get paid those hours?
Work requests have to be reasonable


Nope. Supposedly I’m at a grade where I just have to suck it up. Tbh there are times when I don’t have too much to do and I can piss about but at others it takes over my life.


Be honest, you’d miss my lunch chat


Genuinely don’t do it. You’ll get fucked over.


I quite like it


First season - fine, maybe good
Second season - shite
Third season - dunno if I’m even gonna find out


currently partaking in some naked bathroom cleaning.

gonna put some dinner on in a bit.


this all sounds scarily like how things work at my work. it’s not good.




I’m leaving in four months anyway so not gonna cry about it too much / kick up a fuss. The fact that all three of my team have now handed in our notices within a few months of each other should be enough. Is there anything you can do?


really want an orange soda
oh well


alright kel


ah well that does make it sound slightly less terrible having an end date in sight.

realistically I don’t think there is anything I can do other than leaving, have tried before and it just ends up in a cycle of me complaining, them saying they’ll change things, me believing it and then nothing changing, so I start complaining…

I’ve started sorting my CV out and have a job I’d quite like to apply for, so probably going to do that. ideally I’d like to take a few months off before doing anything else but financially that’s not really viable unfortunately


I decided a long time ago I was only going to play guitar for my own enjoyment and for fun. Been using DADGAD and EBDGBB tunings recently and have really been enjoying it. Was playing improv on acoustic guitar with the first tuning while someone read short stories over it. Wanky sounding but so much fun!