Tues the evening


nobody should witness this :grimacing:


Just met a friend for a tea. She’s having a bad time of it so it was good to see her out of the house and enjoying herself for a bit.

Nipped in for a pint while waiting for Mrs. K to get to town. Won’t see her until Saturday as she’s working loads and I’m rehearsing. She’s going to work then and I’m heading home to learn more songs and watch the United game.






Burgers were A+ and the wife bought baklava for pud :yum: :yum:


Bought a really smart pepper grinder today. Can’t stop using it. Sneezed about 38 times this evening.


Can you control it with your phone, via an app called grindr?


Careful with that bleach.


Using za’atar for the first time, am I middle class now?


Rounded off with a cup of tea



I’m at the MoMA. Exhausted. Gonna go in a bit and get some sort of amazing sandwich and take a nap. Top holidaying considering the rain.


Well, that was another awful day. Tomorrow is my ‘day off’ but I have a fuckload of stuff to do and not enough time. I think I might have to quit (or at least defer) my silversmithing course because I can’t cope with something taking up about 3/4 of my ‘free’ time for the next four months.

Going to spend another evening just sulking I think.


Hello. still ill Morrissey wail


Any nice/cheapish places to stay in London?

Currently looking at a kings cross travelodge for 60 quid a night, which’ll do, but yknow.


sorry to hear you’re still finding things tough.

Sending positive thoughts your way :slight_smile:


Oh @japes did you know the old babu is closing? And they are just gonna be at the arches street food thing at weekends.


Binned off my free work meal on a wafer thin excuse, which is good, because when I left work they’d closed the road I’d need to use to get to the restaurant anyway. Absolutely fuck pootling down Hertfordshire B roads to get to a meal I don’t want with people I am entirely ambivalent to.

Dunno what to do with my evening now. Might sell a bunch of cards to idiots with more money than sense so I can then spend their money on different cards for me


what’s your best card?


Oh that sounds shit. Deffo defer instead of quit,if you’re enoying it that is.

It sounds well cool.


oh are they? i thought they were just relocating