Tues the evening


Pub telly isn’t working. C’mon guys, don’t make me go home and spend time with my family


Has anyone ever used a teasmade? I quite like the idea of it. should i get one?


Nope, still irked it’s not a teasmaid tbh

(MrS makes me tea each morning)


oh, apparently they just heat water up and don’t fully make tea. fuck that.


I won one of these at the weekend:


£70 is too much, but they go for £50 regularly enough.

This nonsense is why I don’t usually play collectible games.



I don’t particularly enjoy the awkward social side of class, but I really like what the subject actually entails.

If I can defer to the autumn term it should be better as R will be starting nursery for a couple of sessions a week so that will give me a bit more free time and hopefully make things more manageable.


what i want is a machine that will make me a lovely cup of tea ten minutes before i have to get up so that it’s perfect drinking temperature by the time i get up. does this exist? if not then i’m claiming it.


It’s working!


yes it is called a bf hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


damn I was expecting something cooler :frowning: Like a fucking shiny dragon or something


Pfft, I don’t play any of that nerd shit!

Only Star Wars and cyberpunk. and Game of Thrones sometimes


Bury the beds


The beer I’m drinking is about £4.50. The card minimum is a fiver. Gonna be a lot of crisps on this table by the time I leave here.


Got some skateboarders who like to flip about over the road to my living room. They’re not loud or anything but the sound of skateboards flicking up and slamming down is quite annoying. Am I right to be annoyed? It’s always when I’m settled down to watch telly about 8-9:30


£4.0 for a Newcy brown? Fucking hell


Edit ignore me


Remember having about 10 bags of nuts in my jacket pocket on Sunday evening every week because of this


Not sure how the TV will take it when I stumble through the front door barely able to hold fucking 8 packs of crisps


4.50 I think m8