Tues the evening


Keep brushing my teeth really early then realising I am still hungry :upside_down_face:


Delighted? What other possible reaction is there


Jesus Christ


“I got you preshentsssss!”


How much should it be? Same price as the mid-range lagers


Not that much surely


I need numbers rich. I need numbers.


I’ve not been able to drink Newcy Brown since having about 100* bottles of it when I was 16 or 17 and puking all over the car park outside The Beehive.

*4 or 5


Last time I had one in a pub it was £3.20, but this was in Stoke on Trent so…


In bars I’ve run/worked in its always about the same price as the pint bottles of cider. Have you tried asking if you can pay for 2/3 beers and leave them in? Fucking unreasonable if they say no in my professional opinion.


Could you pay for two (or more) and leave them ‘in the pump’ as it were?


You fucking genius Keith!


The bar’s really busy and I’m shouting over the lads at the bar to the bar staff already. I can’t be arsed with anything more complex than beer + crisps


Great minds. Funkhouser!




Nick Hewer on GBBO is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in ages


Really want a bottle of dog now. Going to the shop, they better have some.


Bit worried about him tbh


In what way? Him and Stacey have been amazing


just buy two and drink one at a time. or drink both at the same time. w/e.