Tues the evening


Dunno, seems a little…old?


Most pubs will leave one in for you surely?


He definitely seems a bit scatty


I remember @Smee making a thread about them (or maybe just mentioning them) once and someone said ‘smeesmade’ and every so often I just get smeesmade in my head for no real reason.



Think @Witches was talking about getting one but unsure if ever purchased.


I’ve covered this already!


Go somewhere less busy.


I’m watching The Football


I got the job I was interviewed for this afternoon so I’ll be working full time until the end of June (rather than the start of June) - I’m genuinely hopeful I won’t need to interview again for the same job I’ve been doing for four years.



Congrats Keith!


Well done Keith!


buy two you fuckin maniac


urghh need to redo my cv so i can apply for some jobs but my computer isn’t playing ball and cvs are so boring

well done @keith!


think there’s fireworks going off

no idea why


Nice one Keith, and good bier choice!


When I was still in my twenties, the standard post-interview ritual involved buying a bottle of red wine on the way home and drinking it that night.

Now I’m old and broken, this one strong beer will probably ruin me.


Have you fallen in love?


sorted through 300+ records and listed most for sale over the last few days. got in contact with one record shop to see if they would value them and buy the lot off me and they came back with a quote of £600 :rofl: guess i’ll be painstakingly selling them individually, then.


I’ll give you £500 cash in hand come on man let’s do it


reckon there’s at least one record i could swizz someone into paying 500 for in that lot