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Someone outside of DiS sent me a really lovely message via Bandcamp about my music :blush:


Gertcha - first pressing - mono edition - vg++++++++++++++


you got these bits right :wink:


Doing a college course, fairly appalled by the standard of English in the assignments being given.

Having to go through and correct random capitalisation and that Comic font has got to go. He’s also used space bar because he doesn’t know how to use indents or tabs, FFS.


This Lee Valls bloke is an absolute cunt


List 'em here man


If someone crashes into you in a multi-storey car park without leaving a note or whatever dyou reckon the car park people will look it up on cctv so you can fuck em up big style?


see discogs thread! DiScount for DiSers, obviously


Evening everyone :wave:


hey witches!!


DiS hugs pls


everything areet?


Sadly no… But pfft, there’s not much that can be done about it. Thanks for the virtual hug!! :slight_smile:


Watched The Big Short… felt like it was an Adam Curtis documentary if it was on BBC3 instead of BBC4.


More :hugs:


i have dealt with this sort of query a few times in a previous job. unfortunately the cctv is there to protect the car park owners, not the people parking there, so it’s unlikely there will be any covering where you were parked and even if your car is visible in some footage (eg if you’re near something they want to monitor, like the entrance) it probably won’t be clear enough to show a number plate or anything else of any use. you might not even be able to tell which car is yours.

none of the queries i dealt with had any useful cctv but i think the process was that had there been any, the person could have put a request in writing to be passed to a data protection person within the company who would determine if the footage could be released (to their insurer rather than to them directly possibly?). i can’t remember the details really but i’m thinking maybe if you were trying to get the number plate of someone else’s car it would have to be requested by the police as part of an investigation?

sorry, that was boring (not half as boring as watching blurry cctv that doesn’t show anyone’s car get damaged). short answer: no


Fucksake. Fucking cunt took a massive chunk out of my uncle’s pristine 20 year old mondeo. (I know that sounds comical, but the car is beautiful. Serviced every year since 1998 and in absolute mint condition - to the finest detail. He loves that car).

Sorry, I mean thank you for this informative answer.


I woke up in the middle of the night with really bad neck pain last night, kinda scared to go to sleep.


Precautionary ibuprofen mate