Really tired. I put some stuff up on freecycle last night and my email is going mental. At least today is my Thursday.



Bad nights sleep due to cripplingly anxious thoughts about my job. Today will mainly be spent applying for a new one.


Me, two minutes ago:

“Can’t believe it’s Wednesday already”


Doubled up my duvet at the weekend thinking it was winter II, blatantly still winter I, was sweating my nuts off all night


Good luck!


yeah, mild as fuck at the moment, isn’t it. 12 degrees last night down here.



12… crikey… sure we’ve had colder summer days than that


Today’s my… only day of work for the week. Got three days off before going to Trumpland for thanksgiving.


I keep just going into winter 1 default mode and putting the heat on when I get home.


is thanksgiving everything American TV & film has taught me it is…?


this is the most boring thing I’ve posted since 2013



Can anyone recommend a pair of lightweight waterproof trousers that come in a size that actually fits a tall person? I did have some from Mountain Warehouse but (a) they left the bottom four inches of my trousers exposed to the elements when cycling and (b) I’ve lost them.


Got a really good nights sleep but still feel tired



Sorry I can’t help you.


Heading back to Palma and then going to the airport. Feel really grotty. Urgh.


Ah, is it still cycling if I’m dressed in work clothes and cycling fewer than five miles a day?! On the occasions where I do cycle anywhere far in the rain, I don’t really bother with waterproofs. There’s something really satisfying about being soaked to the skin.


I got a pair from GoOutdoors… certainly long enough, not sure about light weight, cheap though


you eat pretty terrible food and don’t mention native americans?


TK Maxx, man

this is my default answer for everything, tbf


and football ALL DAY