TuesDaily Thread


Late starters all of a sudden, what?

Feel mentally rumpled and physically shot this morning. Slept for 10 hours and my entire body aches. Supposed to be in Manchester later this week… Not like this, pal.

What’s Youse doings?

Hey hotboys,
Just back from a run… I ran less than a mile and I’m still fucked haha. Will try run the same tomorrow lol

Have a

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Morning! I’m at the airport, heading to Krakow forba few days. Looking forward to napping on the plane.

Just paid an outrageous amount (ie Norwegian prices) for the saddest pre-packed sandwich I have ever half-consumed.

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We had ten minutes of Tories discussing Brexit on BBC Breakfast before The Child demanded the Tiny Turtle song.

Dream Tuesday.


I’m off today. Got woken up twice by the baby during the night and once by the bloody squirrels in the roof space scratching around. Having avocado and eggs on toast with sriracha sauce for breakfast, then going to visit my family later.

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Just going to assume the latter is Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain.

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Was going to do stuff bit feel :nauseated_face: so probably won’t.

Happy Tuesday!

Morning champs. Got a morning of tedious curriculum meetings where we look at next year’s budget :sleeping:

Back working with this equine charity, helping them write units for a level 4 qualification. Here’s one of their proposed learning outcomes:


Does it have 4 legs? Is it breathing? Does it have a face?


Does it get up after 9am?

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Early prototypes of Guess Who needed revising


Check out Jezza_Izza failing Level 4 Horse Watching!


All those hours on RDR2 for nothing :pensive:

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Morning. At the docs then home to work out taxes. Woo!

It’s ridiculously scorching outside and I thought I was about to pass out so I’ve taken refuge in the shade and have got myself a bogof coconut mojito which is one of the nicest drinks I’ve had in ages.


It’s 9am you animal!

How’re you finding Hoi An chief? Hope I didn’t overhype it for you :grimacing:

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Morning :wave:

I’m really tired and massively cba.


Had the delight of the boy waking at 4am and demanding to sleep in our bed for the rest of the night. Thankfully he did actually sleep.

Still looks like it’s night outside. Anyone who claims that autumn or winter are their favourite seasons needs to take a long hard look at themselves (and out the window)


Hoi An’s great. And it’s 4pm here :smiley:.

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I work in a high security building. Turns out I left my security badge in Scotland yesterday, and even tho I had photo ID reception wouldn’t let me in the building unless I found a colleague to vouch for me, which was easier said than done at 8:40 on a rainy Tuesday morning

Time for a massive cup of cba

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