Tuesday 06032018





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Thread title reminds me too much of work. Too similar to file naming conventions. :frowning:

Bit of that really wet crap snow. Off to Edinburgh again.


Nice numbering, FL.
Still no water. No updates from Thames Water other than the occasional: “there is a leak. We are fixing it. You’ll have water in a couple of hours.” Fucking shambles.


Apologies for the unnecessary work reminder, no one needs that :frowning:

How many days has it been now? A shambles seems to put it lightly, I hope it is fixed soon!


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Just hope we can get through the whole day without anyone expressing affinity with Hitler.



Some people want the moon on a stick



wfh today because no-one else is going to be in my office today so not really much point going in. toyed with the idea of starting work early so I can finish early, but still sat on my sofa so nah, that isn’t happening.

might do some work on my CV later, saw a job I wouldn’t mind applying for and figure I might as well, although last time I did this I didn’t get a reply and got thoroughly demotivated by the whole thing. we’ll see.


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I have always hated dogs.

I’m feeling fresh this morn, and I’m pretty happy about it.
Pure shite day out but fresh pot of coffee on the go so you know, swings and roundabouts

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I feel absolutely wrecked this morning. I went to football last night and got home around 11:15pm, and bed by midnight.

I used to regularly stay up late but nowadays I need to be in bed by 10:30 or I struggle to function the next day.

Middle age :frowning:

Alright? Off to Switzerland tomorrow for work and I need to pack and buy toiletries. TV is taking me out for Japanese tonight :sushi::stew::curry:


WFH. Woke up with a bit of a headache.
Everything Everything this evening which I’m mad excited about.

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Very low pressure since Saturday am and zero water since Sunday pm.
I’m quite fortunate that I live alone. There must be hundreds of families and elderly people affected far worse than me. Businesses and schools closed. Yeah, ‘shambles’ definitely doesn’t cover it really.

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Is @06032018 that bloke with the dog?

Working today at the job I basically walked out of last week :grimacing: wish me luck. Going over a pal’s tonight who’s gonna cook me dinner in return for doing a couple hours’ work. Should be reet.

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