Tuesday 06032018

Hey everyone

Still got a cold but bravely came into the office (It’s not too gross and I’m not sniffing and spluttering, don’t hate me)

Think I’m going to pop out now for a haircut and some v60 coffee filters, exciting!

going for a 1st date with someone off the internet later

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Meera Sodha m9. She grew up in Lincolnshire (UTI) so you know she’s a real mark of quality.

Someone’s doing pre-tty well for themselves.


Robby 2 Hoods.

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I am both a fan of their Imps and their sausages.

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got a link for/about this, man?

Here you go man:


@Jeremys_Iron beat me to it!

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Kind of feel like all the DiS cyclists are going to come back and the state of this place is like we’ve had a massive dirty house rave and not cleaned up at all.

I haven’t even posted on here drunk this week yet! Will rectify that tomorrow night!

tbf always found them a bit weird considering that first album is basically ‘god, life is boring when you have a dumb wife and dumb babies and can’t have fun anymore’

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I don’t think I’ve ever really listened to the words they sing. Oh well maximum pub time before a very stale ATDI gig I guess!

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Oh today can fuck off. I slept in, someone fucked a load of shit up at work, dog threw up, fuuuck itttt.

Kicked in something rotten last night. I feel awful today.

Jaffa cakes. It seems to be physically impossible to open a pack and not scoff the lot. Just had 11 of the things with lunch.

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check out the packet, I think it says they are legit sports nutrition. don’t worry about it.

To find out how exercise and a balanced diet can help a healthy lifestyle, visit www.123healthybalance.com

Good enough for me.

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Just decided to leave the office as I have two phone meetings later and am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the volume of work I have.

Doing it at home will help a bit and let me focus more but I also feel kind of bad :confused:

Can people post pictures of cool things? Would really appreciate some cool things at the mo :sparkles:

:frowning_face:, it’s the time of year when it’s on a knife edge whether people ask “have you been crying?” or “are you stoned?”