Tuesday 08/28/18 Thread



Hello everyone (anglos),

I am tired after Yo La Tengo last night and jetlag from the massive time difference between The UK & The Netherlands. My TV arrives back after a two-month work trip in a couple of days which I am quite excited about, so I will be spending most of this evening cleaning, tidying and washing.

How are your collective days?



I’m at work and cba. Dunno how to make the day go faster. Just want to be back in bed, even though I think I slept close to 11.5 hours last night. Nothing else to report.


What’s the plan for the beard now the TV is returning @ma0sm ?


She apparently likes it! Said that she just didn’t like the “hobo look” when it was stubbly and half grown, but actually prefers how it is now to what my face is like without it. Came as quite the surprise. Gonna get a haircut / pro-beard trim tomorrow so she gets to see it at its best. First impressions and all that.




Big hugs to you GP


checks watch


Is it nearly bed time yet?


I am quite tired and have a busy and tedious day ahead


For Theo it is


In which case I may switch to Theo time.


Hello dis, wishing everyone a painless bank holiday/work transition :wave: :partying_face:

How were they? I mean, I know the answer. Obviously.


Still on holiday - waiting for the kids to wake up. Not sure what to do today.

Daughter 1 is training it over here today so we will be at full strength for the pub quiz tonight


The current time is 110 past 1001




Off today, so obviously up earlier than I would be for a normal work day. Just had a nice nap. Might have another in a sec. Baby is having her second round of jabs this afternoon :slightly_frowning_face:


Good morning all. Today I am basking in the warm glow of achievement as I cooked my first ever poached egg last night (followed by three more!)

Today will be a mediocre work day, after which my GF and I will relax and help plan her exhibition.

Counting down until Thursday when I pick up my new bass really.


Thundercat signature model?


I’ve got €8,500 just burning a hole in my pocket.


It was really good, as you probably already knew. Good setlist too.

In the break before the encore this really excitable Spanish sounding guy started asking everyone around him what songs they wanted them to play for the encore. I shrugged and said I don’t mind as he seemed a little wired and I wasn’t overly keen to engage with him.

When they came on, he started shouting his requests of two songs (Today Is The Day and one other, I forget) to which they responded that they don’t do requests. Didn’t stop him though, he kept shouting like “One of those two songs, you don’t have a choice. It’s a dichotomy.” over and over. Not in an aggro way per se, but as they were tuning their instruments it was hard to ignore his constant shouting voice “It’s a dichotomy, it’s a dichotomy!”. Ira casually changed his guitar, ignoring the guy and then leaned into the mic and said “Well, we don’t have a choice” and they launched into Today Is The Day. The wired guy just went crazy with excitement. He also shouted at the end “I don’t even know what dichotomy means” which made me laugh.