Tuesday 13th

Unlucky for some?

How are you?

I’m awake, keith

Other DiSers for others

I’m actually okay thanks. Fell asleep at about 9.30 last night and didn’t wake up til gone 6. And the weather’s looking nice for the rest of the week.


just got a txt from mum back home

“Have you got any super Mario games, [her friend] said they’re worth a small fortune”



This sounds like I’m taking the piss but time off work properly takes it out of you, doesn’t it?

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


I was exhausted yesterday. Slept terribly on Sunday night - between the football and pre-work anxiety, my brain wouldn’t switch off. Then I had loads to do at work, plus a meeting in the evening. I feel a bit more ‘on the level’ today. (So far).

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Been awake since half 5. Bit achy from my vaccination and can’t get comfortable.

Just really, really, really, tired.

Just tried out my EXTREME (close up) blister plasters on the school run and pleased to say they are worth the £6.59

I have to write a new, very ambitious and experimental tour today and know it for tomorrow which would be OK (well, not really, I need way more time) if I didn’t also have to write another mini tour to run an hour before that one tomorrow too. How on earth will my brain handle this as I usually need to just read the script on repeat until the tour starts. Eeeek.

Five more days until the end of the festival :alarm_clock:


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I saw a coat yesterday and thought it looked like your style then I immediately saw a man who looked a lot like you.

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Glad to hear my brother’s keeping well (lol)

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Morning team

Yesterday the kids were outside in the garden in their crocs spraying each other with the hose. Amusing fun!

I woke this morning and opened the front window blinds to see a Croc shaped object… In the front garden of the neighbours across the street.

Yep, kids left them outside and something - a fox, or a cat, based on the teeth holes in the cros - played with it last night.

Would have been very confused as to where it had gone if the animal had taken it a further yard. Haha


Absolutely knackered this morning but suppose I’d better take the dog out before it gets too warm.

Don’t think there will be any bike but might walk it to work as its a nice day.

Current listening:

Day off from work. Taking it easy as possible. Just had some pancakes with blueberries and cherries.


so very groggy

Flatmate left a small poo in the bath so that was nice.


Is this usual for them? Are you going to say something? What a morning.