Tuesday 13th

Morning kids

The weather seems to be on the up again, which is nice. We didn’t even have all the rain we were supposed to yesterday. I’ve got to pop out in a minute to the chemist, so I might grab a coffee while I’m out.

Off to the pub later - with covid rates like they are in Brighton I think I’ll grab an outside table, even though I’m double jabbed (although the bulk is in the 15-19 year olds - 894 per 100,000 according to a message from the school yesterday!!!)

Was up until 3am reading 4 different 100 page manuals on how to hook together a bunch of new hardware & software I bought for the studio

I just got to the studio now and I’m sitting here wishing I’d made notes

Also, can’t decide whether I’m an idiot for spending a 27.C sunny day in a windowless basement or whether I’m a clever boy for avoiding sunburn



wtf? Actually?

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Didn’t realise you lived together.


couldn’t go for my run today coz my feet are too blistered, so i did a hiit workout in my sauna flat instead and i am now in fact deid. gonna make some nice lunch and sit in front of a fan for a while.

I went out to grab some lunch

Fuck me it’s horrible out there, way too hot and humid

Afternoon all,

Thought i’d booked to go swimming today but it is actually tomorrow at 12.30pm so that’s thrown me off a bit.

WFH, tired today (though nowhere near as tired as y’day) as big dog had a bit of a restless night so was up a few times with him. He’s snoozing away now.

I am so bored today.

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The project I was hired for has been delayed since February so I really don’t have anything to do. But they’re happy to pay me to pretend to work so I guess it’s not all bad

Been racking beer all morning and now I’m sweaty.

This fell completely flat. So that’s good.


They all laughed they were just on mute cos they wanted to hear your presentation properly


Yeah. That’s what happened. Yeah.

Work eh.

Wonder if i could join the circus or something. A nice Circus, not the ones that mistreat animals

kind of great in a way. not for you obviously. for me.

Well I’m glad someone got some enjoyment out of it, because my audience certainly didn’t

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Think if someone schedules a telephone appointment with me, but are like 15mins late, I would rather they never called at that point.
Like over 15 minutes late, don’t call me for that appointment, it’s over.
It’s not an angry thing more a “I want to not wonder if you are going to call now” thing.
I’ve moved on, let me move on! Re-schedule or something

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  • Shut up
  • depends

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Lunch view


Going to go for a walk after work. It’s so clammy, I hope it rains a bit. Going to be so sweaty.