Tuesday 14th July


I found £1 on the ground on my way to work :sunglasses: I’m going to use it to finally try Irn Bru


a mosquito has wrecked my hand

Gonna twat Louis XVI

Back at work after a nice day off. Just wanna play God of War in my pants can’t believe it

Got a 2 hour presentation at 11 that despite having put a lot of work into I’m not actually prepared properly. Urgh. Will be so glad when it’s over.

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Morning. I think since the week before lockdown I have realised how much I hate my job but, also how much I really can’t be arsed looking for a new one because it is piss easy for what I am paid. Think I need to get back to normality (pubs, gigs and being able to go to a soft play centre) before I’ll get any motivation back. Yeah I’m having an existential crisis this morning apparently. I hate Tuesdays.

Also I have smashed through a packet of hula hoops, a packet of maryland cookies, a red bull and an iced tea all before 9.00am. What is that about?


Never heard it…


I received 1 (one) e mail overnight. Currently watching Schitt’s Creek in bed.

Working all day, sadly

Maybe later

There’s some brie in the fridge that is perfect for snacking on.

It’s my half birthday today, warm wishes and congratulations are welcome.

Penultimate day of training. I’m scared.


End of a lovely 4 day weekend Back home

About to start up on all the work ive been putting off for ages and letting accumulate :grimacing:

Got several social plans this week, which is grand, but think I might have been over ambitious as to how much im ready to do

Which half?


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I just put something in my Outlook calendar for Friday as a “private appointment”. I feel like I’m deliberately arousing suspicion for anyone who accesses my calendar. (In fact, I’m just taking my daughters up to the school to collect some bits and pieces)

Oh and my in laws are coming up for the 1st time since January. Which is always fun :neutral_face:. I didn’t want then to come up until next week at the earliest but, I was vetoed. Definitely grumpy mood today.

Gonna assume it’s the lower half. Happy Birthday to your butt and shins

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Hap Birt Jo! :partyi

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just work :unamused:

not on a Tuesday :frowning:

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