Tuesday, 17th April 2018


good morning, beautiful people of dis.

it is tuesday. how are we all doing?

(i have basically nothing interesting to contribute so help me out here, yeah?)




Do you wanna do my job today and I can go back to bed yeah


depends. how committed are you to the idea of keeping your job longer-term? (ie. beyond today?)


Hiya. Thought about going to work today then thought about having to talk to a large group, and having to smile, be polite, and being around tonnes of people and felt sick with anxiety so I’m back in bed.

Hopefully I’ll see my parents later today so I’ll get loads of mummy hugs and that’ll make me feel better :slight_smile:


This reads terribly. Probably another sign that I shouldn’t try to communicate too much today.


sorry to hear that, tilly :frowning:

please look after yourself, you’re one of the best :+1:


My three days of workshops have become two so I get to fly home this evening. Woooo. Just 8 hours of data chat to go…


Happy Tuesday everyone


Not fussed really. I’ll even throw in 2 rounds of ham and mustard sarnies as a sweetener


New (temporary) office! Gotta try and work out how the hell you use a mac.


sure, i’ll give it a go. a change is as good as a rest and all that!

(hope you’re doing alright, btw. how long you got til d-day now? must be getting close?!)


So jason gave up for good? F8nd that hqrd to believe.


A month yesterday, so realistically, any time soon.


oh wow, yeah. how you feeling? :slight_smile:


morning all :wave:

I have a meeting at 11:30pm - 1am today/tomorrow :expressionless: trying to decide whether I should leave early today to make up for it, come in late tomorrow to make up fir it, or both. leaning towards both.


Supposedly, Dorothy Parker called her budgerigar Onan, because when he ate he kept spilling his seed on the floor.


Jason’s a wanker, mate


Current flu status:


I’m on the train to Edinburgh. Had to buy another ticket because the machine said their wasn’t any reference matching the one put in, tried it twice. Don’t know if it’s been cancelled by our booking team in error or what. Don’t know what I’d have done if it was a longer journey or work weren’t paying.

Have some nice lime infused water. It’s dead good.