Tuesday (18/6)

Morning DiS, anyone got anything nice planned for lunch today ??

(i need some ideas before i go to the shops : P)

Bento. This doesn’t help, obvs. Sorry.

I have to say I’ve not even heard of that

Leftover toad in the hole. This also doesn’t help. Sorry.

If I’m quick I could cook it now and reheat it around 1 or 2 o’clock

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No idea, run out of stuff to make sandwiches so I’ll be forced into something from the cafe.

Also, morning everyone, it’s my Friday :tada::tada::tada:

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You up to anything nice on this lovely friday?

Work, then I don’t think so, no. I imagine there’ll be a nice dinner involved.

That’ll do though aye, I’m thinking of getting vegan burgers for tea

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Leftover Thai curry and rice.

I’m doing a dhal tonight as well so it’s a day of double curry.

Today’s the last baby ballet. Quite glad I won’t have to schlep across town any more.

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Whatever delights the canteen has on offer today.

I really should go along to a work conference thing this morning but I really, really cannot be arsed, so I’m going to go into the (empty) office and claim I had too much work to do today and just show up for the late afternoon meeting that I can’t get out of.

This is about as rebellious as I get.

Gonna feast on anger.
Today is going to be terrible. Also going to really have to bite my tongue and try not kick off over people being total saps but I don’t.feel.I.can

Just sandwiches today, nothing special.

To compound my general dread / terrible mood:

  1. I didn’t manage to complete the puzzle page I normally do in the morning (in spite of a couple of attempts to redo it);
  2. I got another puncture, the third in about six weeks :frowning:

So yeah, today is going swimmingly

My cat seems a little bit feisty this morning.


at least have the balls to tag @saps


taste testing a vegan sandwich and banoffee cupcakes and chocolate cake.
free food is good.


I saw this on my way to work

He was cycling incredibly (below walking speed) slowly in front of a bus

What’s going on


Morning all,

Was gonna give a shout out to Winifred for choosing to snuggle in my armpit/side last night which meant I had full use of my pillow and it was cosy and adorable but the little jerk moved position at around 4am this morning instead and took up almost my ENTIRE pillow and I hardly slept for the next couple of hours :sob::sleeping:

So instead, I’m going to give props to FB memories which, though often a cringe fest, sometimes comes up with lovely/amusing things you’re happy to remember. Today I was reminded of taking my little sis to see Death Cab at The Royal Festival Hall last year, seeing Coheed and Cambria in 2017 and meeting 3/4s of the band around the corner including the bassist who I have a little crush on, obviously I embarrassed myself but still, good times. My surprise 30th birthday in Hyde Park and this classic status from about 10 years ago
‘Sometimes i kiss my own arms because they are soft and plump and it feels nice’

My lunch today is tabbouleh, falafels, salad, grilled halloumi and hummus. All prepped on Sunday :sunglasses:

Have a great Tuesday, friends.


I’m on a train to Chichester and have already inhaled the pain au choc I had. I would have brought more road treats but thought I was gonna be sharing the journey with someone and I’d look greedy.

Now have no train snacks pray4tilty :sob:

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