Tuesday (18/6)

Morning DiS, anyone got anything nice planned for lunch today ??

(i need some ideas before i go to the shops : P)

Bento. This doesn’t help, obvs. Sorry.

I have to say I’ve not even heard of that

Leftover toad in the hole. This also doesn’t help. Sorry.

If I’m quick I could cook it now and reheat it around 1 or 2 o’clock

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No idea, run out of stuff to make sandwiches so I’ll be forced into something from the cafe.

Also, morning everyone, it’s my Friday :tada::tada::tada:

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You up to anything nice on this lovely friday?

Work, then I don’t think so, no. I imagine there’ll be a nice dinner involved.

That’ll do though aye, I’m thinking of getting vegan burgers for tea

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Leftover Thai curry and rice.

I’m doing a dhal tonight as well so it’s a day of double curry.

Today’s the last baby ballet. Quite glad I won’t have to schlep across town any more.

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Leftover squad too (black bean tofu and rice)


Whatever delights the canteen has on offer today.

I really should go along to a work conference thing this morning but I really, really cannot be arsed, so I’m going to go into the (empty) office and claim I had too much work to do today and just show up for the late afternoon meeting that I can’t get out of.

This is about as rebellious as I get.

Gonna feast on anger.
Today is going to be terrible. Also going to really have to bite my tongue and try not kick off over people being total saps but I don’t.feel.I.can

Just sandwiches today, nothing special.

To compound my general dread / terrible mood:

  1. I didn’t manage to complete the puzzle page I normally do in the morning (in spite of a couple of attempts to redo it);
  2. I got another puncture, the third in about six weeks :frowning:

So yeah, today is going swimmingly

My cat seems a little bit feisty this morning.


at least have the balls to tag @saps


taste testing a vegan sandwich and banoffee cupcakes and chocolate cake.
free food is good.


Train guard described the overcrowding as ‘like peas in a tin’ I like it, adding it to the lexicon


I saw this on my way to work

He was cycling incredibly (below walking speed) slowly in front of a bus

What’s going on