Tuesday (18/6)

Morning all,

Was gonna give a shout out to Winifred for choosing to snuggle in my armpit/side last night which meant I had full use of my pillow and it was cosy and adorable but the little jerk moved position at around 4am this morning instead and took up almost my ENTIRE pillow and I hardly slept for the next couple of hours :sob::sleeping:

So instead, I’m going to give props to FB memories which, though often a cringe fest, sometimes comes up with lovely/amusing things you’re happy to remember. Today I was reminded of taking my little sis to see Death Cab at The Royal Festival Hall last year, seeing Coheed and Cambria in 2017 and meeting 3/4s of the band around the corner including the bassist who I have a little crush on, obviously I embarrassed myself but still, good times. My surprise 30th birthday in Hyde Park and this classic status from about 10 years ago
‘Sometimes i kiss my own arms because they are soft and plump and it feels nice’

My lunch today is tabbouleh, falafels, salad, grilled halloumi and hummus. All prepped on Sunday :sunglasses:

Have a great Tuesday, friends.


I’m on a train to Chichester and have already inhaled the pain au choc I had. I would have brought more road treats but thought I was gonna be sharing the journey with someone and I’d look greedy.

Now have no train snacks pray4tilty :sob:

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Morning all,

I see the forecast is for it to piss down later. Can’t wait for that. No really - I got to my car this morning and it had seagull poo all over the roof, so I’m hoping for rain to wash it off.

I’m currently annoyed with the services staff, who have blocked off the kitchen near me - it looks like they’re topping up tea supplies and stuff like that, but a) how long can that possibly take, and b) why do it at 9am when people will want to get into work and settle in with a drink?

Looks like you just drew a firearm at it


morning all :wave:

i have no lunch plans - i had a burger and chips at the fancy staff restaurant in the fancy head office yesterday, but i’m back at the shite office down the road today so no restaurant for me. although i’m in central London so could realistically get pretty much anything. will likely get a sandwich because boring.

might literally have no work to do today. not sure what to do.

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The next picture is him in handcuffs.

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Omg look what I found in my bag


No idea what I’m doing for lunch. Have some kind of quinoa tagine thing at home so might go back for that. Have to go and get a set of Allen keys and some tiny screwdrivers so might combine all of that into one trip.

Need a cup of tea now though.

I love Nik Naks, they’ve really nailed their selection of flavours

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The chat about Britpop in the Metallica thread has reminded me of this 90s not Britpop GEM


Ohhh boy here we go!!

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Lunch today is pasta with anchovies, breadcrumbs, garlic and thyme. Sorry, again not helpful.

Looks like a light workload for me today :partying_face:


I got my first session of therapy todag :grimacing:


Hope it goes well. I know therapy can seem intimidating but your therapist will be there to support you and won’t judge you for anything you tell them :hugs:



I had lunch plans (nice pizza in Brighton with former colleagues) , but it seems I will be eating a sandwich in Burgess hill instead thanks to my current colleagues

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Today is my last day at work ahead of a 5 week holiday

This early evening we are going to have a leaving/retirement drinks for a colleague who is an absolute fucking hero and has really done God’s work over the last 35 years in the office - like a proper hero who has literally saved 100s of lives around the entire globe.

Then, after that I am going here

to see my good pal Gustav and his band Dungen play the entirety of their 2004 Ta Det Lungt album on the occasion of its 15th anniversary

cracking start to the summer

life is good


Hope it goes well @Yesiamaduck!
Good on you for seeking help x


Might change my avatar later, just so you’re all aware.

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