Tuesday 2/2

Alright? Funky Friday today so that’s nice. Feel absolutely worn out and my knee hurts, wbu?


Morning @anon19035908 and all below :arrow_down: Luckily for me, I pressed refresh before starting a morning thread, thus sparing my own blushes.


(there’s a microphone there because the date 2/2/21 sounds a little bit like someone testing a microphone)

It’s wet and very Tuesdayish here. I don’t have much to report other than the :sunny: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sunny:

:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
07:36 16:52 09:15:11 +3:22
:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
08:05 16:48 08:43:33 +4:05
King’s Lynn
:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
07:38 16:45 09:07:01 +3:33
Salcombe, Devon
:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
07:47 17:10 09:23:01 +3:12

I hope you all have a lovely day x


Big snow in leeds again. Enthusiasm for it has waned now.

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Dream I was back at school, even did the walk I used to do from the bus stop. I am 36 next month.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Work, home school, childcare with coronavirus. Cheers

Chalking up another shit night. Got woken up at 3.45 and decided that I should just go to work, so I’ve been here since 4.50. means I can finish early. Have my hiking boots in the car, so may go for a stomp round the local woods.

Heading into hospital for some blood tests, to determine if it’s safe for me to try out a new drug.

Thought you’d enjoy this - Dr Mrs Epimer was on the phone to a doctor yesterday when the doctor referred to the possibility of a course of suppositories as being “a bit of a pain in the bum”, to which Dr Mrs Epimer went “AHAHAHA, LITERALLY!!” and was met with stony silence.


Or if you’re @ma0sm, a pain in the neck!

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Sort of related story - the last time I had a colonoscopy it was the same doctor that I’d had previously. He always makes small talk after administering the sedative; presumably to gauge whether it’s been effective before starting the procedure.

Him: How are your parents?
Me: 50% of them are fine; the other 50% are dead.

Cue stony silence as he inserted a camera into my bottom.


Almost there…

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Just had a bit of a ‘I Don’ t spend too much of my time online’ moment.

I was completely unaware Galentines was a thing. I now know that it appears to be a marketing push to flog pink glitter and tinsel.

Morning all!

Wor Lass is back at WFH after two weeks of annual leave and has treated me to a rousing gospel rendition of, “What Fresh Hell On My Laptop (Will I Find)?” as she plugs in the aforementioned machine. It’s improved my morning considerably.

The class I teach on Tuesday morning haven’t done any work and I don’t usually see many of them so I’m planning to use exactly the same materials as last week.

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Dreamed my great-uncle Keith died, which made me cry in my dream then I immediately woke up really sad. What made it worse was the dawning realisation that I’ve no idea if he’s actually still alive anyway.

In other news, eight more chickens due at Castle Frenchtoast in a couple of hours. Which means eight more names!!!

Great-uncle? My mum’s dad’s brother. Whatever that is.


No snow in Brighton still, but there is some forecast for Monday. Wondering if I should book the day off because snow days don’t exist in our modern WFH world.

The massive cut I gave myself washing up yesterday isn’t remotely healed and I managed to reopen it earlier, blood everywhere.

My mum always told me if I was a man who washed up I’d get loads of gash

Bless your mum. She had a lovely turn of phrase.


She’s still alive!

Does she still talk like that though? I was just going on your past tense of “told”