Tuesday 2/2

Oh no. Far worse.


feel like i might actually achieve… something of some kind this year. but probably not


happy desmond day

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We’ll be very disappointed if this joke is missing from 12 December’s update…

Solo parenting the last few days, GF has had to go back into hospital, hopefully nothing serious.

Going to spend the day cleaning, listening Ava’s great-grandfather’s records and scrubbing cat gawk out of a carpet.

Fannloy, Zana, Gloren, Curtas, Dash, Lero, Kelros… Azaka!

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my physio told me i need to manspread more


Hope Mrs geese is ok!


OMG how didn’t I even consider this?!

How did last night go? Everytime I log-in to Discord on a different computer, it’s deleted all my groups/servers/correct term so I gave up in the end (?)

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Never too early, but don’t call me Jacks

Galentine’s is from Parks and Rec

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Accidentally opened a massive chocolate panettone last night so looks I’ll be snacking on that all day.
Happy Tuesday!


A delusional gorgon gave @grievoustim a cloak to breathe under water, I finally got to use the benefits of my sage background to read some ancient script, @anon75298087 turned into a giant snake and scared some smaller snakes, @HobbesWhenHeWasNew fell down a rope again, we finally got to the bird people city and they seem like a GBOL, and most importantly nobody died :+1:


yeah, that happens to me 2. I will be 39 this year.

I do not think it will ever stop happening.

On a virtual court hearing. Someone got kicked for not turning their camera off, and the judge can’t turn her camera on because her internet isn’t good enough.

A flawless system!


I had a hearing a couple of weeks ago for a care home proposal (via Teams). The Planning Inspectorate had all participants muted, and couldn’t work out how to unmute. After 20 minutes of dicking around we had to have a half hour recess while they sought tech advice.


the whole world is rain

not going outside


we broke 4 minutes wooo

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Dream about being back at school all the time. Always my gcse year, and I’m either running late or haven’t done the work. Ends up in a… wait, why am I here, I’ve graduated moment