Tuesday 2017-04-04


It’s Tuesday and I am only working from home thanks to a homeplug

my BT Hub has gone to shit for WiFi and the replacement is due today!


got to look up how to become self-employed today.

not looking forward to it


I think it’s pretty easy really. Why do you need to do this?


to sell my music on bandcamp


hardly seems worth it to make about £50


Weather has turned a bit :confused:


Didn’t have any milk at home so went in to greggs and used theirs


It’s nice in Glasgow.

Today is my wedding anniversary so I’m going to buy some GF doughnuts and make kofta.


Well it depends. Do you need to be self-employed to do that? Is that actually what Bandcamp says because I really doubt the majority of acts on there are registered in this way.

I think you may have to declare this income if you’re claiming income support / dole.


I just tried porridge for the first time. Not bad. 6/10.


Legally speaking you probably should.

I find it very unlikely that people do

Until you start making some “real” money I wouldn’t worry about it

Forget the hurdles, just get it up and out there


WTAF?! Surely your parents gave you porridge as a kid?

Did you make it with milk or water? On the hob or in a microwave? Or was it that instant stuff?


There you go @bamnan I think that’s fair. I’m sure you should be fine to just get any money you get, honestly.


yeah but I need to pay NI contributions right?

Otherwise it’s illegal.


Good morning.

Looks like I’ve sold my old amp within 12 hours of advertising it, continuing my streak of always making a profit (£3 this time. Still counts.) on music gear I’ve bought on eBay then later sold on.

Also the squirrels have finally leaned how to use the feeder properly, so that’s basically about as much as you can hope for on a Tuesday morning.


I should sell some of my unused music gear to be honest.


are you currently paying NI contributions/getting benefits that go towards this?

Why don’t you just get your stuff up there and then decide what you need to do.

If you go through all the hassle of registering as self employed and then don’t make a penny it really is a big task - filling out self employed forms can be troublesome - i used an accountant when i was self employed.

If you are registered though (if you choose to do this) you can then offset the price of equipment etc from the tax you pay - even equipment you already own - this amount will be far higher than the money you make (unless you do really well!) - NI is around 10 quid a month

I’m not telling you to break the law but if you really think you might make 50 quid i wouldn’t worry too much


just don’t want to go to jail man.


Let me query on FB and see what people say.


Not to my knowledge. Probably tried when I was wee, and I must have decided I didn’t like/want it. Same with scrambled eggs. Was a bit of a fusspot before I knew any better and decided to eat everything (except bananas and strawberries, allergic, fml).

Also no idea, was a colleague’s, I just had a spoonful. Came up in conversation the other day about how loads of people say it’s great for a cold morning but it has never appealed. UNTIL NOW. Probably instant stuff. Tastes of golden syrup.

Might investigate other flavours.