Tuesday 23rd May 2017

working from home due to the explosion in Manchester
trying to avoid the rolling news by watching 'the spectacular now’
had a strawberry favour kitkat for breakfast

I’m in work waiting for inevitable sweeping generalisation about muslims from the Trump-supporting bigots of the repro department behind me. Ready to explode on command.

Where did you find this KitKat?

hope you and those you know are all ok?

its one I brought back from Japan, proper nesquik flavour strawberry :smiley:

fortunately those close to me are safe :slight_smile:

Avoiding the news, so am listening to an episode of WTF with Hutch Harris from the Thermals on it.

Heading to the credit union this morning to open an account before completing a serious amount of drudge work.

Oh, I shaved a moustache in to cheer myself up too.


Due in Birmingham this afternoon for an hour’s presentation. Want to spend the rest of the day prepping for tomorrow’s interview, but am going to have to do proper work instead.

balls. now i’ve got to find a japanese kitkat as well as these curry sauce chip crisps that don’t seem to exist

Gotta scoff em all!


*googles flights to japan*

good look Kg, you look like you should be in local natives are summit

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My mind is still blown by the ones we had to put in the oven!

Sooo sweet

It’s my wfh day fortunately. Got a drs appointment which feels a bit ridiculous but what can you do

Haha!! Wowza, you suit a moustache! I love them, if I could cultivate a more substantial one I would join you.

You need @Clem_Fandango geesey.


Are these all yours or a pic from google? I never knew this was a thing! I really want to give the wasabi kitkat a go!

they’re ALL mine! (and I have a few more not pictured like the crème brulee ones scout mentioned :smiley: )

the wasabi ones are pretty good. theyre not hot… its green in colour, tastes a bit like white chocolate then an aftertaste of wasabi :thumbsup:

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Going to have to look these feens up now! Supposed to be seeing them next week.

Thanks Witches! You could work on your moustache, make it a summer project!

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Incredibly trivial given the news, but realised I brought my suit jacket but not my trousers to Amsterdam. Just done an emergency run to pick up something smart to wear to my meetings.