Tuesday 25th

Tomorrow is the day we’re officially closer to next Christmas than last Christmas.

That’s not today though, is it.

I’m on a train. How about you?


Oh, that explains why the work canteen is doing a Christmas dinner tomorrow. This isn’t a joke.

Feel waaaaaaaank but I’ve got meetings I need to go into the office for. Going to do one bit of work, say nothing in my meetings, and hide in the toilets for the rest of the day.


WFH as the baby fed hourly last night. She’s sleeping on me while I work and the TV gets some much-needed rest.


Feel like utter toilet. Been up pretty much all night with a mega sore throat and all shivery and that. Can’t afford to take a sick day. Pray4me.

Thunder virtually all night resulted in a scared dog and sleeplessness. Tired.

Morning guntrip and everyone

I’m still in bed, drinking coffee. Disn’t sleep very well, which I’m putting down to those three night shifts in a row over the weekend.

Seeing my grandmother later for the first time since January I think, so looking forward to being guilted about that. After that though I’m having a bbq party with some tiny humans and their parents, which will be lovely :two_hearts:

Had some thunder yesterday morning - apparently Edinburgh got half an average month’s rain in 3hrs.

I spent it at an early screening of the new Child’s Play

How was it?

Morning guntrip.

I am on a train too. Everyone is glistening slightly.

Spinny sending love. I had a crap nights sleep waking at 4am and then fitfully in and out of sleep for the rest until I got woken up by a phone call.

Also my dreams were balls too

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Save it for the filth thread


Gonna take a sick day. First time I’ve ever had two over the space of 12 months. Fuck it though


Morning all.

Solidarity with the tired crew. I went to bed at a reasonable time and slept nicely but still feel knackered. No fair.

Today is…nothing. Work, eat, sleep again. That’s about it.

Hope you’re all well.

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I’ll give you my heart
But the very next day
You’ll give it away
The year after next
By the medium of text (?)
I’ll give it to someone special (special)


Really enjoyed it - not a great film by any stretch but it is loads of fun. Knows how silly the idea is and plays with that.


Just left for work, started walking and thought ‘hmm maybe I have lost weight, these shorts feel a bit baggy’. Forgot to put my belt on didn’t I.


Text? In 2021? I’ll just upload my message straight to the other persons brain-drive thanks.

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Good morning all. I had a terrible time getting to sleep and I feel like trash.

Alright Kurt Cobain


In the year '21
By subliminal suggestion
TheSpinmaster finds someone special (special)

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