Tuesday 25th

Off to a Greek restaurant later :heart_eyes: haven’t had Greek food since last year so safe to say I’m buzzing

First day off in absolutely ages. Going for a run then going to pop into town to pick up a few bits then go to the Wildlife Photographer of the year exhibition and the cinema for Toy Story 4. Then possibly get something tasty for dinner and get stoned on the beach. It’s sunny here :sun_with_face:

once this breakfast settles I am outta here folks

WF family home today. Got back from festival yesterday, was loads of fun. Probs gonna go to a pub quiz with some old pals later.

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Is there a non cat and dog rolling pet thread?

there’s a fucking circus right outside the flat. there’s been this awful music on loop for an hour now with some bloke shouting about the circus. i’m going to die.

There’s a rabbit one.

So glad it’s payday. My bank card is no longer redundant and i feel like a proper person again phew

Played tennis and got absolutely soaked!

It’s been years since I’ve been soaking wet, it’s actually pretty fun

Fucks sake


how long is it gonna be there for?

Sunday. they’re playing this on loop now and the bass is making my window shudder:

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Sweating my tits off here, pals.

  • famous british ‘heatwave’ for a week
  • live outside a circus for a week

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Actually in IKEA. Been putting it off for a year or two. Not as bad as I remember. In fact, it’s pretty enjoyable so far. Apart from all the people and screaming children of course

At a 250 person conference organised by 2 1/2 people (me, my boss, and occasionally his boss). No one has spontaneously combusted yet so I guess it’s going ok?


Good work pervo!

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Theres a wasp in the house :roll_eyes:

Good work mwt!

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Everything can fuck off tbh.


Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the… Tuesdays!