Tuesday 27 April when the rains came

Nope, no idea.

Edit - @epimer has made it clear what those words mean.

They were using the secret internet to order drugs, a sex worker, and/or an assassin.


Happy Kings day! To all those celebrating this today.

Morning all!

The Child woke up in a foul mood and it’s drizzling outside.

I need to set up some assessment tasks and then arrange some interviews for courses next year. I might not even get a chance to repeatedly get killed by ghouls in Dark Souls 3 like I do most afternoons.

To be fair, you were with a very sleep-deprived and embarrassingly drunk fellow-DiSer at the time, so it was probably for the best that we never met him.



You could go Loch Lomond

When my alarm went off this morning my thought was, “Oh god, this again” and I just felt completely bored to be alive.

Don’t think I’ve ever experienced that before. V much welcoming the bank holiday and restrictions being eased.

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I call those “weekdays”


Slippers oan weather

:wave: hello!

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As an avowed anti-royalist I have no reason to celebrate anything today.

No rain here as yet! Check out the cracks in the ground at the park (small excitable dog for scale)

In other news I’m really tired, but I managed to sort out my car insurance before the school run so that’s a positive start. Just have to keep moving like a little shark

i could

A colleague has just quit to become an outdoor swimming coach and half jealous, half fuck doing that.

its so grey and bland i might actually be able to focus on work today


Met both him and his partner. They are both super nice and would like to meet again.


Just had 4 tins of paint delivered on a pallet! Seemed a bit overkill

Morning all, anyway. Firstly I just want to apologise - I was grumpy and miserable when I was last on DiS, and then I felt embarrassed about it, and now it’s the end of April. It’s probably something for a longer post elsewhere but work has been relentlessly difficult for at least the last 18 months and sometimes it affects my mood. I can’t say I’m in a much better place but I think I’m probably better with you than away from you x

Otherwise, all is okay. We are having some pretty extensive work done to our house (removal of plaster, damp proof injections and membrane, replastering). I’m enjoying the current “indie/alternative club venue circa 1998” look.


Sorry to hear things have been tough mate. X



Got work but I’m also going to try and clean the flat a bit and do a lunch bike (hopefully). Going to make :fish: :taco: tonight