Tuesday 5th of January 2021

I’m going into the office this morning :grimacing: (the last time for a while, I assume)

Looks cold and rainy. WHY.

Tell me about your days.


You know what’s an awful combination? Having the windows in the front of the house replaced so you can’t use most of the rooms, schools closed so the child is home and lockdown / terrible weather meaning you can’t leave the house. The next few days are going to be, erm, fun.


Good morning @plasticniki, good morning @plasticmike, good morning @rob.orch, good morning DiS and many happy returns of the day to Marilyn Manson from the [censored], Diane Keaton from the godfathers, and Deadmau5 from the bangers. I trust that we’re all commemorating the anniversary of the discovery of the dwarf planet Eris today, while also pouring one out to honour the passing of Edward The Confessor just 955 years ago today. The last of the kings from the House Of Wessex, and his successor was once a king like him before taking an arrow in the eye when the bloody French came over and ruined everything. It’s American National Bird Day today, so that’s nice isn’t it? Are ducks birds? Are birds planets? Who knows?! I’m off to turn the heating up cos I’ve got blue tits.


Gotta go and get my windscreen replaced today. Taking my hiking boots and a flask of tea and going to go on a walk while I wait for it to be fixed. Nice 3hr window there. Then it’s off to work until 8, see how many self isolations/positive covid results we get

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Morning all

My brain is like absolute fog this morning. Didn’t drink last night but feel fuzzy and almost hungover :confused:

On the plus side: today has one minute and 36 seconds more sunlight than yesterday. you can search for your own town/city or you can read all about King’s Lynn here


Off to work, let’s see what fun and games await today.

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i nned we

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Crikey how big’s your car!?

Hark at Captain T here, driving to work on the USS Enterprise.



Was still lying awake at 2am last night :weary::yawning_face:

  • Get up and do your cycle in 10 mins anyway, you need to get back in the habit
  • Have an extra 50 mins snooze and do cycle after work

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I only went for the harsh option (get on with it) because I know that, if I’d resolved to exercise in the morning and had then told myself I’ll go in the evening, I would definitely not go in the evening.


Lovely texts from the doctors… :sweat_smile:


Grim times for you guys :frowning:

Lockdown was tough here but I can’t imagine how much worse it would have been in London in the Winter

Good luck everyone x


Reminds me of a note I saw in our GP surgery a few years back:

“This intern? Which intern? Oh… this in turn


And to top everything off, my laptop has gone straight to windows updates on my first day back after my xmas break

Got this message this morning, I’m none of those things but glad my GP is texting about the vaccine.

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Morning all. Second terrible night’s sleep in a row. Also second day back at work. Coincidence, or something more?


Hehe love the idea of a work experience kid sat there scoffing all the drugs and burning £20 notes


And every time someone wants to make an appointment, yelling profanities at them until they hang up.


I like the QUIT SMOKING NOW (not available at weekends) sign next to it as well :laughing: