Tuesday, 7 November

Just made some porridge in the microwave. The milk smell made me queasy

How’s your day?

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Sleepy, need to stop staying up til 1 just for the sake of mid tier YouTube content

Work then Glasgow

Up early for asda delivery. Now time to check my asda reward points :moneybag:

Getting my hair dyed today, pls do not make me small talk. Then might have the pup for an hour.

Got 5 (five!) kids instead of the usual tuesday night 4 later. The newest addition does not like hot dogs which really throws a spanner in the works for cheap and easy tuesday group tea :thinking:


Just had my porridge for 2nd breakfast. Been at work since 4.15.

Pleasant autumn morning here, enjoyed the sunrise and all the colourful leaves looked lovely in the low morning sun.

The baby woke up at 5 so that’s me a zombie today. Not much to report other than I’m wfh because he was sick yesterday so isn’t allowed into nursery, though he’s absolutely fine now.

Respect the rule but sometimes it’s difficult to respect the rule


Hit £50 lads (and due an extra £5 bonus on it). I do very small weekly shops I’ve earned this in no time.



Hey hey

I’ve got my appraisal this morning. I’ve only reported into my new boss for about six weeks so she doesn’t really know what I do. Who knows how it’s go. I think she thinks I know what I’m talking about? Maybe?

Perfect situation imo

Good luck with it


Blocked out all of Monday to Wednesday to work on something urgent that the client was going to send through their bit of by “end of day Friday, Monday morning at the absolute latest”.



Basically just forgot how to crack an egg




I think you will find that I am extremely sympathetic to all parties in this tale

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Excruciating leg pain from trapped nerve (presumably). Can’t concentrate on anything and the only tolerable position is lying down with leg raised high, but my probation review is next week so really can’t get away with taking another day off. So will just lie in bed and poke at my laptop every couple of minutes and ignore all the angry emails coming in asking why I haven’t done the things.

Just had the first ‘perk’ of being over 50 years old.

Got to send away a sample of my poo as part of the NHS Scotland bowel screening programme.

And then I get to do it every 2 years from now on! Something to look forward to.


You going to hold the envelope open yourself or get someone to help?

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Haircut in a min. Had a nice coffee in town. Exciting

:slightly_frowning_face: hope you gws :black_heart:


Good morning all

Last night I had a Chinese takeaway and I feel like I’ve got an awful hangover from this morning. It wasn’t even nice, I just needed to buy it because I’m running low on those plastic tubs :sob: half of it is still in the fridge, gotta face it again at lunch. Lord help me.

We were also in IKEA last night. I wanted to post about it but there was no signal. Here’s something tho

I call it Lønch

Hope u all have a nice day :cowboy_hat_face:


Excited because I’ve bought tickets to see Jon Ronson, it’s a year away but still :heart:

My first thought was “I’ll need to buy a nice 2024 calendar now so I can write it on it”.

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