Tuesday 9th May

Happy birthday to Billy Joel and Andrew WK!

Awake with the sunlight in Sweden which means about 5am. Thanks Obama. How are you pals?



£2 for a sausage and bacon roll and a coffee at Gregg’s is still great value.

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morning. wfh this morning. started eraly coz im picking up my new car this afternoon!

Guys the old fiver is NO LONGER LEGAL TENDER. What do I do with This???.


Oh hi bank can I join your massive queue for the sake of a fiver please? M8.

stick it in a tin with all the shillings and ha’pennys you probably still have

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No I need another reason to be in the bank. A big shot reason. Then I just say “oh and while I’m here…”

(Shut up japes)


I was ok for about 5 minutes this morning then I checked my emails and I had one from my ex which has put me in a bad mood. I’ve been getting panic attacks lately when I get this sort of stuff from him which I think is more about the steady accumulation of them rather than the actual content - I do wonder sometimes if he’s trying to drive me slowly mad.

Other than that I’m ok, got a lot of work to do at some point and need to tidy the flat but kind of don’t want to do either. Nervous about getting essay feedback from my MA soon. It was a bad essay.

Just taken the car for its MOT. Sitting in a cafe nearby awaiting a bacon and egg roll :ok_hand:


Sort of.

3 days off after today.

Gotta zoom through some benefits stuff, check some timings on a couple of freight trains around Southall and release a couple of reports.

And, finally get the application for my job in.

This evening, who knows.


Pub quizzy tonight. Had a week off last week to try and refresh our brainz.

Dog had a proper go at another dog on the walk this morning. Not great. CBA with work. Booo.

Slept terribly thanks to bad back and husband getting shitfaced last night and snoring his head off. Got a ticket to see TLC tonight but cba

Mornin team,
Today is my Friday as I’m off to sunny Mallorca tomorrow :grinning::wine_glass::sun_with_face:
Canny fucking wait.
Feel much better then I thought I would having bumped into the ex last night with the tv, that being said she is moving in round the corner from me


argh forgot my glasses and my packed lunch today… :sleepy: :confounded: :expressionless:

did have some good porridge though :yum:

I am alive!


Need to book a service for the car. My user account for the fleet site is locked. The contact form to get my account unlocked is returning an error. It’s telling me to report the error using the same contact form that’s broken.

Fuck off Tuesday.