Tuesday Afternoon Pop Q**z


Any chance of a wild guess for Elvis and Madness? Otherwise I’ll award you 20 points for each, which seems a bit harsh of me.


Yeah come on @penoid you must have a guess. All mine are wild guesses.


reckon madness was before bryan adams, so 1983.

know for a fact that blue suede shoes came out before little richard had released anything, so 1955




those last 3 are utterly awful songs


I had in my mind ‘songs that you might hear on a provincial radio station’.

You going to enter?


nine entrants so far
one hour to go


nah I’m shit at remembering years


Half an hour to go. Any more #takers?


Thank you for your entries. The scores have been collated and I can announce a three way tie between @VincentAdultman , @penoid and @NoahVale . Sterling work!

And thanks @icehockeyhair @elthamsmateowen @1101010 @plasticniki @stickboy and @profk for taking part.


do I get a prize for being the only person not to google at least one answer? who the fuck knew what year that steve harley song came out?!

EDIT: no one did.


Answers as follows:

The James one was slightly tricky: it was originally released in 1989 but only reached number 70-something in the charts. It was re-released in 1991 and was one of the top 20 selling singles of that year.


Nobody got that Steve Harley one bang on - closest guesses were two years out. @penoid and @noahvale got five of the ten bang-on.


see above.


so bitter


I didn’t google any (obviously)


No one Googled it.


you all cheated.


they were all guesses apart from the ones that i knew for definite. just used basic knowledge of popular music.


hey ya = lead single from the love below, school disco in 2003
someone like you = 2011 brit awards
as mentioned above, i remember the trivia that ‘blue suede shoes’ came out before little richard’s ‘the girl can’t help it’ in 1956
good times had to have been 1979
knew our house was early ‘80s
single ladies = same year as the album came out (2008)
respect = another music fact i knew, also that it was two years after otis’ version (in 1965)
knew ‘come up and see me’ was just before punk/'76
thought sit down was 90s (i was wrong)
thought summer of '69 was mid '80s